Leadership development

We are developing a new approach to leadership development to give you access to a wider range of leadership training and development opportunities. Here are the opportunities we are delivering.

Senior Leadership Development Programme

Aimed at superintending ranks, chief inspector/police staff equivalent, two core modules focus on the development of personal and organisational leadership skills.

Command Skills Course

Training at all levels (operational/tactical/strategic). At the operational level, we develop materials for forces to deliver. At the tactical and strategic levels, we run two separate courses of two days each (including a Hydra exercise).

Leadership development workshops and events

'Hot' leadership topics, delivered nationally or regionally. These one day workshops / events are open to all leaders in policing.

Virtual learning environment (VLE)

The VLE enables all members to access training and development materials in order to complete qualifications in leadership and management, via our membership site.

Leadership Development for officers and staff from under-represented groups

See Aspire leadership development programme.

Senior Leadership Development Programme – Core Modules

The demands on managers in all roles within the police service have never been greater. To be the best leaders that we can be, it is important that we take time out away from the day job to properly understand our role, strengths, and areas for development and how we can best apply them.

This programme develops existing leaders for the complex and diverse world of 21st century public service. It is open to all roles including staff, officers and citizens in policing providing they are currently operating at the appropriate senior leadership level within their organisation and are members of the College of Policing. 

The two core modules are a Personal Leadership Module and an Organisational Leadership Module, which are delivered at one of our training sites and are separated by about four months, during which learners complete a work related project / task.

2019/2020 course dates:

Package 5
21October – 23 October: Personal Leadership Module - Ryton                              FULL               
17 February – 20 February 2020 – Organisational Leadership Module - Ryton   FULL

Package 6
6 January – 8 January 2020: Personal Leadership Module - Ryton              FULL
23 March – 26 March 2020 – Organisational Leadership Module - RYton   FULL

Package 7
7 April - 10 April 2020: Personal Leadership Module - Harperley Hall
6 July - 9 July 2020 - Organisational Leadership Module - Harperley Hall

Package 8
20 April - 23 April 2020: Personal Leadership Module - Ryton
13 July - 16 July 2020 - Organisational Leadership Module - Ryton

Package 9
11 May - 14 May 2020: Personal Leadership Module - Ryton
1 September - 4 September 2020 - Organisational Leadership Module - Ryton

Package 10
1 June - 4 June 2020: Personal Leadership Module - Ryton
28 September - 1 October 2020 - Organisational Leadership Module - Ryton

For more information on the programme, or to book your place on any of the course dates, email deliveryadmin@college.pnn.police.uk

Command Skills course

The Command Skills course is a two-day classroom based course preparing you to effectively handle operational command situations. One of the two days is an all-day Immersive Learning Exercise.

There are two levels:

  • Strategic - designed for those who are operating at or about to operate at the Strategic/Gold Level
  • Tactical - designed for those who are operating at or about to operate at the Tactical/Silver Level
    Although not accredited, these courses are an important introduction to Specialist Command courses, for example, Tactical Firearms Command and Public Order Gold Command.

2019/2020 course dates

Strategic level
19 March – 20 March: Command Skills – Strategic
1 May – 2 May: Command Skills – Strategic
23 September – 24 September: Command Skills – Strategic
13 January – 14 January 2020: Command Skills – Strategic
2 March – 3 March 2020: Command Skills – Strategic

Tactical level
8 April – 9 April: Command Skills - Tactical
20 May – 21 May: Command Skills - Tactical
4 June – 5 June: Command Skills – Tactical
8 July – 9 July: Command Skills - Tactical
2 September – 3 September: Command Skills – Tactical
14 October – 15 October: Command Skills – Tactical
11 November – 12 November: Command Skills – Tactical
16 December – 17 December: Command Skills – Tactical
10 February – 11 February 2020: Command Skills – Tactical
23 March – 24 March 2020: Command Skills – Tactical

For more information on the course, or to book your place, email: deliveryadmin@college.pnn.police.uk

Leadership development workshops and events

We run leadership development workshops and events throughout the year. Previous topics have included Systems Thinking, Resilience and Wellbeing, Media Skills and Engaging Leadership. Our leadership workshops are available exclusively to members of the College. You can find details of future workshops on our membership events pages.

Virtual Learning Environment

We are currently running a 2 year pilot of a leadership virtual learning environment (VLE), available to all officers and staff who want to develop their leadership and management skills.
The VLE provides access to leadership and management qualifications accredited by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). These qualifications are not policing specific and are nationally and internationally recognised, providing transferable knowledge and skills development to support the leadership capability of your force.

Find out more about the VLE on our Leadership Learning membership pages.

Online packages

Our online learning packages on our Managed Learning Environment (MLE, formerly NCALT) provide a wide range of training and development opportunities, some of which can support you in your leadership development by enabling you to develop and refresh your skills at a time that suits you.

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