The reliance on using intelligence in the fight against crime is continually increasing. It is a Home Office requirement that all forces handle intelligence in the same manner in order to facilitate its exchange. This requirement followed cases where crimes were committed that could have been avoided had forces had access to each other's intelligence. To assist in the development of this the College of Policing has, with assistance from police forces across the UK, produced this Intelligence Professionalisation Programme (IPP).

The IPP covers all aspects of intelligence following from the first receipt of the information. It includes the methods used to record intelligence, any research or analysis carried out and the final dissemination.

It is made up of four modules;

  • Introduction to Intelligence
  • Intelligence Managers
  • Introduction to Research
  • Introduction to Analysis

    The modules follow on from each other and should be taken in sequence. The slight exception is the Intelligence Manager course which is not applicable for everyone, as shown in the diagram. 

For further information please visit the membership site.

If you cannot access the membership site then download this document for further information.

In addition to IPP, more intelligence products are available but they are currently under review.

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