Forensics and evidence gathering

Following the decision of the College to cease the majority of forensic learning delivery as at the 31 March 2017 (the exception being the CSI Level 2 Proactive Forensics course), we have been working with the Forensic Portfolio and Performance and Standards Group to develop a sustainable solution for future learning development and delivery.

The College in partnership with the National Performance and Standards Group and Regional representatives, have undertaken research to clarify learning programme demand and capacity over the next 6 to 12 month period, prior to development and issue of licensed products.

The College are in the process of converting/packaging the existing centrally delivered learning products into a format which can be licenced to forces, working in partnership with the community to develop a sustainable solution for the future and using the community for subject expertise and consultation similar to the process used for other areas of business.

Licences for the new programmes will be rolled out as soon as each programme is ready in a priority order agreed with the P&S Group. The initial priority is CSI stage 1 and 2 and supporting pre-reads.
The new products will form part of the National Policing Curriculum and will therefore reflect the type of materials forces currently receive to support delivery, ie, Programme Specifications, Module Specifications, Trainer Guides and Assessment Criteria. We will also use work based assessment, portfolios and ISO requirements for competence as well as CPD to maintain and enhance skills.

It has been agreed that the initial assessment of student portfolios/PDPs will be carried out by forces (as per the existing process). Verification (previously done by the College) will be done internally by existing force assessors, using peer review if required. The latter could be done through regional relationships. It is also suggested that linking into force Quality Managers would also ensure consistency.

This approach reflects verification of portfolios for other disciplines.

This approach has been verified with UKAS to ensure there are no potential quality issues related to accreditation.

For further information contact:
Jo Taylor, Policing Standards Manager, Investigation and Forensics:
Duncan Brown, Senior Policy Advisor:  

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