Information for prospective licensees

To assist you in understanding more about the product and how to become a potential licensee offering the pre-join degree as a programme, the following resources are available to you.


  • Pre-join Degree Licensee Guidance – This document provides you with information to enable you to understand more about the product and the Quality Standards Assessment (QSA) process for becoming a provider. The QSA is interlinked with provider validation, enabling providers to apply their own QA processes for programme design and validation. This document also incorporates transitional arrangements to recognise prior learning into the pre-join Degree, whereby candidates currently undertaking an existing undergraduate degree in policing (i.e. in Year 1 (Level 4)) could be transferred into Year 2 (Level 5) of a new Pre-join Degree in Professional Policing (pre-join Degree) programme.
  • Pre-join Degree in Professional Policing – An Introduction
    This document provides you with an overview of the key areas of learning and development covered by the national policing curriculum for the police constable role, and the relevance of this national curriculum to the pre-join degree entry route.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    This document answers frequently asked questions around the QSA process undertaken by the College of Policing in relation to the pre-join degree and includes information on the key stages of the process and access to support resources.

To supplement these documents, the College also runs periodic information sessions, providing an opportunity for you to ask questions, go through our QSA process and Core Requirements in detail and get a fuller understanding of how our processes link to your own validation process. This is not compulsory, but advisable, and can be arranged by contacting the Quality Standards Assessment (QSA) team via

Licence Request and Quality Standards Assessment Application Form

If you are interested in offering this product you will need to make a request to become licensed and then complete the College QSA process. Further information on both aspects can be found in the Pre-join Degree Licensee Guidance. All elements of our QSA process must be fully met and your programme must have been approved at your validation event to enable you to deliver this product.

Licence Request and Quality Standards Assessment Application Form

Please note that from 18/06/2018 the College will be open to receiving requests from organisations seeking to become licensed to access educational resources for the purpose of offering the pre-join degree in Professional Policing (pre-join degree).

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