Police Officer and Police Staff Discipline

​From May 1 2015 Police Regulations were amended to enable police officer gross misconduct hearings to be held in public. Forces publish full details of the outcome of cases and these are available for at least 28 days on their website.

This provision applies only to police officers and special constables and does not apply to PCSOs or other members of police staff.

From January 1 2016 all gross misconduct panel hearings are chaired by independent Legally Qualified chairs.  The LQC must be chosen from a list of candidates which are maintained by the local policing body.

The Home Office Guidance covers the Standards of Professional Behaviour for police officers, including special constables, and sets out the procedures for dealing with misconduct, unsatisfactory performance and attendance and for appeals to the Police Appeals Tribunal.

Police Staff Discipline is conducted in line with the ACAS Code of Practice on Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures.

Also see data on misconduct and criminal investigations that is produced by the Home Office annually.

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