Personal responsibility for CPD

Across the police service, there is already a requirement for you to demonstrate how you are undertaking CPD through the PDR process.

CPD is for you as an individual. The College of Policing is here to support you along your CPD journey. There are various resources* available to help you to take personal responsibility for CPD.

College CPD framework
The College of Policing has designed and developed a CPD framework for policing to help you maintain and enhance your competence throughout your career.

College CPD toolkit
The CPD toolkit will help you take ownership of your own professional development. The toolkit explains the four stages of the CPD cycle and includes resources to help you. It also provides help on setting objectives, some examples of CPD activities and how you might record your development. While the CPD process itself can be rewarding, it is the end result that is the most significant and meaningful.


Continuing professional development at the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)

As one of the leading bodies for managing and developing people, the CIPD has an interest in your professional growth. There are many resources available to help you plan your individual professional development, such as:

Please note that free registration is required.

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