National police promotion framework

The National Police Promotion Framework is a four step promotion process for police officers seeking promotion to the rank of sergeant or inspector.

Promotion is only attained once an officer has successfully completed all four steps. Completion of Step 4 also leads to a professional qualification in police management, it also gives you the opportunity to be developed in the role that you are going to undertake. 

Step 1 – Competence in current rank

Step 2 – Examination of Law and Procedure (click here for further information on the Step 2 legal examination)

Step 3 – Local selection process and matching to vacancies

Step 4 – Temporary Promotion (12 months) and work based assessment (see more information on the qualifications offered by each partner organisation).

The operating manual found to the right of this page shares detailed information on best practice as well as legislative requirements with regards to all steps within the NPPF process.

The NPPF quality assurance system supports implementation of the promotion process for sergeants and inspectors to nationally agreed standards.  It seeks to do this by striking an appropriate balance between local accountability and the need for a national level of standardisation, fairness and equality across the service.

These documents are specifically for those in force who are involved in the implementation and management of the processes connected to the NPPF.

​DocumentLatest version number​Publication date​
NPPF Operating Manual
April 2019
​NPPF QA system​2.1September 2017

If you have any questions about the NPPF please email: 

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