Inclusive, enabling and visionary leadership

We are all able to work together independently and recognise the need to act as leaders, whether in a formal line management capacity or when engaging and motivating colleagues and the public to get involved or have their voices heard.

Whether we are setting a vision, planning ahead to optimise resources for the best possible outcomes or leading a cross-sector partnership, we work across organisations and sectors to achieve excellence in public service

Competency : We are collaborative

Ensuring and improving the safety and wellbeing of the public underpins all of our work. To achieve this most effectively, we need to look beyond our traditional boundaries to think about how to create the best possible outcomes.

We build genuine and long-lasting partnerships that focus on collective aims and not just on our own organisation. This goes beyond just working in teams and with colleagues we see daily. It includes building good relationships with other public and third sector providers, reaching out to private organisations and working with our communities and customers.

We aim to work effectively with colleagues and external partners, mutually sharing our skills, knowledge and insights with each other to achieve the best possible results for all and to reduce silo working. Our engagement seeks to not only deliver joint solutions but also to share appropriate information and negotiate new ways of providing services together. In all of our dealings with our partners, we make sure that they feel respected and valued.

Why is it important? Demands on the police come from an increasingly diverse set of sources and the need for services is not defined by organisational and geographical boundaries. We must work together regardless of differing cultures, priorities and needs.

This means that we need to influence and negotiate in order to achieve outcomes for everyone and not just focus efforts on our own immediate environment. Working to solve problems without help from our partners ignores the strengths that we can utilise together, but working jointly requires the ability to build relationships and break down barriers.

It is critical for us to build and retain our partners' trust and confidence in us and a key part of achieving this is through the way in which we work with others.

We are collaborative

Level 1

  • I work cooperatively with others to get things done, willingly giving help and support to colleagues.
  • I am approachable, and explain things well so that I generate a common understanding.
  • I take the time to get to know others and their perspective in order to build rapport.
  • I treat people with respect as individuals and address their specific needs and concerns.
  • am open and transparent in my relationships with others.
  • I ensure I am clear and appropriate in my communications.

Level 2

  • I manage relationships and partnerships for the long term, sharing information and building trust to find the best solutions.
  • I help create joined-up solutions across organisational and geographical boundaries, partner organisations and those the police serve.
  • I understand the local partnership context, helping me to use a range of tailored steps to build support.
  • I work with our partners to decide who is best placed to take the lead on initiatives.
  • I try to anticipate our partners' needs and take action to address these.
  • I do not make assumptions. I check that our partners are getting what they need from the police service.
  • I build commitment from others (including the public) to work together to deliver agreed outcomes.

Level 3

  • I am politically aware and I understand formal and informal politics at the national level and what this means for our partners. This allows me to create long-term links and work effectively within decision-making structures.
  • I remove practical barriers to collaboration to enable others to take practical steps in building relationships outside the organisation and in other sectors (public, not for profit, and private).
  • I take the lead in partnerships when appropriate and set the way in which partner organisations from all sectors interact with the police. This allows the police to play a major role in the delivery of services to communities.
  • I create an environment where partnership working flourishes and creates tangible benefits for all.

Competency : We deliver, support and inspire

​We understand the vision for the organisation. We use our organisation's values in our day-to-day activities as a role model to provide inspiration and clarity to our colleagues and stakeholders. We work to create the right climate for people to get the job done to the best of their abilities, ensuring a culture of mutual respect and support.

We are dedicated to working in the public's best interests. We understand how we have an impact on the wider organisation and those around us and we help others to deliver their objectives effectively.

This behaviour is not restricted to those who are in formal or senior management positions. We all have a positive contribution to make by operating at our best, adapting how we work to take account of pressures and demands and helping others. We are focused on helping our colleagues to improve and learn and are active in supporting them through activities such as coaching and mentoring.

Why is it important? To deliver the most effective service, we need to be clear on our goals and priorities, both for the police service and individually. We can all help to support and motivate each other to ensure that we are working as effectively as we can, enabling us and those around us to perform at our best. We should all act as organisational role models.

We deliver, support and inspire
Level 1

  • I take on challenging tasks to help to improve the service continuously and support my colleagues.
  • I understand how my work contributes to the wider police service.
  • I understand it is part of my collective responsibility to deliver efficient services. I take personal responsibility for making sure that I am working effectively to deliver the best service, both individually and with others.
  • I am conscientious in my approach, working hard to provide the best service and to overcome any obstacles that could prevent or hinder delivery.
  • I support the efficient use of resources to create the most value and to deliver the right impact.
  • I keep up to date with changes in internal and external environments.
  • I am a role model for the behaviours I expect to see in others and I act in the best interests of the public and the police service.

Level 2

  • I give clear directions and have explicit expectations, helping others to understand how their work operates in the wider context.
  • I identify barriers that inhibit performance in my teams and take steps to resolve these thereby enabling others to perform.
  • I lead the public and/or my colleagues, where appropriate, during incidents or through the provision of advice and support.
  •  ensure the efficient use of resources to create the most value and to deliver the right impact within my areas.
  • I keep track of changes in the external environment, anticipating both the short- and long-term implications for the police service.
  • I motivate and inspire others to achieve their best.

Level 3

  • I challenge myself and others to bear in mind the police service’s vision to provide the best possible service in every decision made.
  • I communicate how the overall vision links to specific plans and objectives so that people are motivated and clearly understand our goals.
  • I ensure that everyone understands their role in helping the police service to achieve this vision.
  • I anticipate and identify organisational barriers that stop the police service from meeting its goals, by putting in place contingencies or removing these.
  • I monitor changes in the external environment, taking actions to influence where possible to ensure positive outcomes.
  • I demonstrate long-term strategic thinking, going beyond personal goals and considering how the police service operates in the broader societal and economic environment.
  • I ensure that my decisions balance the needs of my own force/unit with those of the wider police service and external partners.
  • I motivate and inspire others to deliver challenging goals. 

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