Vulnerability health check

​The vulnerability health check will support officers to apply the learning achieved from the vulnerability training and ensure structures are in place to enable them to look beyond the obvious when dealing with those who are vulnerable. The current focus on providing consistent vulnerability services to the public means that forces will forces need to carry out a realistic assessment of their current position - to identify good practices and to highlight areas for improvement.

​Who benefits?Officers and staff through better management of demand.​
​What is it?​An appraisal of current arrangements to focus on specific improvement areas.

Download a document summarising how the features of the Health Check can be accessed
​What will it help achieve?​Deciding on best approaches to partnerships
Better solutions
Improved post-training support 
Sharing of best practice across all forces
Compilation of supporting evidence for audits, eg. HMI

Why have a 'health check' as well as the training?

The Vulnerability training module makes a substantial contribution to improving awareness and skills but forces also need to develop systems-based approaches to be able to manage the increasing vulnerability demand - through the use of better resolutions when possible and through developing effective partnerships. The health check helps forces to undertake an honest appraisal of their current arrangements and to concentrate their improvement in the areas that will have greatest impact on service users.

Culture, support and leadership

There are important questions to be asked about the culture and practices of the force with regard to the support of vulnerable people. These questions concern not only whether or not  frontline officers understand the causes of vulnerability, but also whether processes, leadership and support services all share this same focus.

How to access the health check

To help address these questions the Vulnerability Health Check provides forces with a straightforward self-assessment process. It is accessible online on PSQMS and will help with recording and assessing findings.

Online self-assessments are based on the specific criteria of the vulnerability.

To get the greatest benefit from the health check there are two essential considerations:

  1. The self-assessors must feel confident and supported to be honest about their assessment and bold in addressing those things that can have biggest impact ?
  2. The assessor(s) must have explicit permission to be critical so that the self-assessment does not become a 'paper-chase' or 'box-ticking' exercise.

Please note: the vulnerability self-assessment is intended to be owned by each force and used in the way which is most appropriate. It is not a centralised process.

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