HPDS (current scheme members)

The last cohort of the current HPDS was recruited in 2014.

Three new programmes, Fast Track Constable to Inspector, Direct Entry Superintendent and Direct Entry Inspector, have been introduced to enable a wider pool of talent to enter the police service, as well as rapidly promoting the very best talent from within the service. They will attract individuals with new perspectives and diverse backgrounds to support the continuous development of policing.

What is the High Potential Development Scheme (HPDS)?

The HPDS is a five-year programme delivered with an academic partner, Warwick Business School. It uses a range of innovative approaches to challenge and equip future leaders. Participants have to demonstrate their desire, their commitment and the potential to reach senior officer levels and progress to ACPO.

The initial stage of the HPDS leads to the Postgraduate Diploma in Police Leadership. After completing the postgraduate diploma, HPDS officers undertake a period of professional consolidation, where they apply their learning in force. High-performing scheme members also have the opportunity to study for a Master's qualification in Police Leadership. HPDS officers will normally be promoted to the next rank when they satisfy the Chief Officer that they are competent. This can speed up their progression, as they do not have to wait for a vacancy to become available.

For more information, see the HPDS programme details page.

For all general queries, please email the HPDS team or see our HPDS FAQ page.

Already a scheme member?

Please consult the relevant members' pages for further information regarding your programme.

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​HPDS Masterclasses

Details of HPDS Masterclasses.

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Please email: hpds@college.pnn.police.uk

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