Common questions about the scheme

How many places are available on the revised HPDS?

​​84 applicants successfully gained a place on the revised scheme as part of the 2008 intake, 57 for the 2009 intake, 59 for the 2010 intake, 65 for the 2011 intake and 55 for the 2012 intake.

Will members have to have an HPDS PDR and a force PDR?

Scheme members will only be required to have a Force PDR.

Do applicants to the revised scheme have to be a graduate already?

No, the scheme is open to non graduates and graduates alike.

Why can't inspectors apply for the revised HPDS?

The rationale is that the scheme is aimed at those who are relatively new in the service and will benefit more from a structured programme. Also forces have more capacity to develop officers at Inspector level who should also be more responsible for their own learning.

Do I have to be a serving police officer to apply for the scheme?

Yes, the HPDS is only open to serving police officers.

What about Police staff?

The HPDS aims to develop officers who have the potential to reach senior rank. Police staff are therefore not eligible. However, they are eligible to undertake leadership programmes at the College of Policing.

Can I apply whilst still on probation with my force?

Yes, officers can apply at any stage once recruited by their force.

Does the revised HPDS programme allow for APEL (Accredited Prior Experience and Learning)?

This programme does not formally allow for APEL.

The learning and qualification on the programme is in a police context and aims to allow all participants to apply their learning in their workplace. Through having a cohort philosophy, this will allow the learning to be shared through comparison and contrast with others from other forces. Where participants have a similar degree or qualification already we would anticipate that they would be able to bring even more to their group and at the same time update their knowledge and apply it in a new and contemporary policing environment.

How frequently could an HPDS officer be promoted, providing they are ready for the next rank?

There is an expectation, but not a mandate, that HPDS officers should be promoted at least twice in 5 years.

Does the force have to allow you time to attend HPDS modules at Warwick or must it be in your own time?

The identified and accepted good practice is that attendance at Warwick will be in 'duty time', in-line with Force policy and local arrangements for other approved study.

Development time and attendance at regional 'Action Learning Sets', which are usually held every three months, is a matter for Force discretion.

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