Strategic Command Course assessment processes

The assessment processes for the Strategic Command Course (SCC) are designed to identify those who are capable of being an effective chief officer and can contribute to and benefit from the course. Individuals who are successful during these assessment processes are then eligible to attend the SCC.

The assessment processes for the SCC aim to identify those senior officers and staff who would derive substantial benefit from the SCC and contribute meaningfully to it, and subsequently take on the most senior leadership roles in policing.

For police officers, passing the Senior Police National Assessment Centre (Senior PNAC) and the SCC is a prerequisite for applying for Assistant/Deputy Chief Constable roles.

How does it work?

The assessment processes for the SCC operate like an assessment centre; an assessment technique employing multiple assessors and multiple assessment exercises in which candidates have opportunities to demonstrate the competencies and values necessary for effective performance at Chief Officer level.

The final assessment is based on your performance over the whole of the assessment process.

How can I apply?

Visit the Senior Police National Assessment Centre (Senior PNAC)  webpage for more information on the assessment process, and the Strategic Command Course for details on when the application window opens for the next course.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.




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