Applying to the Strategic Command Course

A selection process is used to identify individuals who are capable of being an effective chief officer (or equivalent) and can contribute to and benefit from the Strategic Command Course (SCC)


Those who would like to attend the SCC 2021 should complete the Application Form and Biographical Data Monitoring form, which can be downloaded further down the page. 

The forms should be used by:

  • Police officers applying to attend the Senior Police National Assessment Centre to attain a place on the SCC
  • Police staff applying to attend the Senior Police Staff Assessment Process to attain a place on the SCC

  • Those from external agencies applying to attend the SCC


When is the SCC 2021 Application Window?

The application window for applicants applying to the SCC via the Assessment Processes for the SCC (Senior PNAC and Senior Police Staff Assessment Process)  opens Wednesday 27 November 2019, and closes Tuesday 28 January 2020 at 11:59pm.

The closing date for those  applying to the SCC from external agencies  (and who will not be taking part in the assessment process) is Friday 4th September 2020

What documents are there to support applications to the 2021 SCC?

The 2021 SCC, application documents are available to download below:  

What happens if my application is successful?

​​If you will be attending the Assessment Processes for the SCC, then following the close of the application window you will be contacted to confirm your specific intake.  If you are applying directly to the SCC via the application form then a member of the SCC team will contact you to provide the outcome.

What is the Assessment Processes for the SCC?

The Assessment Processes for the SCC (AP for the SCC) is an umbrella term for:

  • Senior Police National Assessment Centre (Senior PNAC) which is undertaken by police officers of substantive Superintendent or Chief Superintendent rank.  For police officers, passing Senior PNAC and the SCC is a pre-requisite for applying for Commander, Assistant Chief Constable and Deputy Chief Constable roles. 
  • Senior Police Staff Assessment Centre which is undertaken by police staff of an equivalent grade to superintendent and Chief Superintendent rank.

It is an assessment centre, which is an assessment technique that uses multiple assessors and multiple types of assessment exercises.  Candidates are given multiple opportunities to demonstrate the competencies and values necessary to demonstrate effective performance at Chief Officer level.  The candidate's final assessment is based on their performance across all of the assessment exercises.

The AP for the SCC identifies those who are capable of being an effective chief officer and can contribute to and benefit from the SCC. Individuals who are successful during these assessment processes are then eligible to attend the SCC.  From there individuals will be able to take on the most senior leadership roles in policing.

When is the AP for the SCC?

For the 2021 SCC, individuals will need to attend the AP in Spring 2020.  The delivery window is expected to be between Thursday 16 April 2020 to Thursday 5 May 2020.  Specific intake dates are listed in the application form.

What reference documents are available?

These documents for the AP for the 2021 SCC are available to view/download for info:

Can I attend an event about the next AP for the SCC?

Candidate Briefing Sessions are run before each delivery of the AP for the SCC, for those who will be taking part.  Further details can be found on this page.

For information, the presentation slides used at the last briefing session (ahead of the September 2019 AP), are available to download here:  

How are my individual needs accommodated at the AP for the SCC?

If you have individual circumstances that you believe may affect your attendance at or performance in the AP for the SCC then please refer to the Accommodations and Reasonable Adjustment policy under "What reference documents are available?".  This document provides details of candidates with a disability, neurodiversity or other influencing factor may apply for a reasonable adjustment or accommodation of their needs.

If, after reading the policy, you have any queries regarding your situation then please contact the team using the email address below to arrange to discuss your circumstances.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, or would like further details, please get in touch:

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