CPD events and opportunities

See below for Chief Officer level CPD events and opportunities

**CPD opportunity for ACCs, DCCs, ACOs, or equivalent from partner organisations**

Syndicate Director, Organisational Leadership module of the Strategic Command Course (SCC) 2020

The College of Policing is seeking a syndicate director for the Organisational Leadership Module of the 2020 SCC. This module runs from 24 February to 19 March 2020.

Further details can be found in this letter from  College CEO, Chief Constable Mike Cunningham.

Those who would like to express an interest in this role should complete this form, and return it with a short CV to scc@college.pnn.police.uk by Wednesday 18 December 2019.

Online Engagement Event (Senior PNAC and SCC)  

18th December 2019, 11:30 -13:00

To provide clarity on the eligibility criteria and new spring timing for Senior PNAC and the Senior Police Staff Assessment process

Chief Constables are invited to join this webinar; there will be the opportunity during the session for live Q&A with Jo Noakes and the Senior PNAC team. 

This is primarily for Chief Constables, although you may of course want others in your executive team to be included if they will be involved in decisions around who to put forward for the next assessment process in Spring 2020.

How can I join?

SIRO Hydra Exercise - 28th January 2020, Ryton

This one-day hydra facilitated event will be extremely beneficial to those who currently perform the role of Senior Information Risk Owner (SIRO) or are likely to in the future.  Through immersive learning the delegate will be called upon to make decisions, and explain the rationale behind them, whilst managing an information breach scenario.  The scenario will explore the management of risk and provide opportunities for developing strategies for mitigating risk.  It will also consider the role and remit of the SIRO, the need for strong information governance and highlight the sources of information and support available to the SIRO.  The scenario is based on a real incident and consequently SIRO's could be called upon to manage such an incident at any time.

Entry requirements:

The course is open to those who currently perform the role of Senior Information Risk Owner (SIRO) or are likely to in the future at DCC & ACC level or equivalent.

If you require on-site accommodation this is chargeable and will be dependent on availability.  Please contact hub@college.pnn.police.uk for price information.

How can I apply?

For more information on the course, or to book your place email hub@college.pnn.police.uk 


Mentoring for Chief Constables

The Senior Leaders Hub supports appointments and provides CPD opportunities for Chief Officers as well as offering development opportunities for those wishing to progress to the most senior levels of the service. One of the services offered in connection with attendance at e.g. the Senior Leaders Development Centre, is Chief Officer level mentoring. We have seen real value and benefit in mentoring, for both mentors and mentees alike.

Following on from that, we now have a list of Chief Constables who have kindly offered to mentor their newly appointed (or more established) peers.

If you are interested in having the support of a mentor (or if you wold like to be a mentor yourself), then please contact us at hub@college.pnn.police.uk.


CSLE Women's Network group meetings

Facilitated group meetings, to provide women with the opportunity to extend networks and share experiences with other female leaders from across sectors

Further details can be found in the downloads on the right, along with a registration form.


If you have any suggestions for topics or activities you would be interested in, do please let us know by emailing hub@college.pnn.police.uk and we will try and build those in.


Further options to support development at all ranks/levels can be found on our Leadership development choices page, here


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