Appointing your senior leader

Are you a Police and Crime Commissioner or Chief Constable? Our staff can provide you with a range of services that will help you to deliver excellent Chief Officer appointments.

Our experts in selection and assessment can provide specialist support and guidance throughout the process to help Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) and Chief Constables (CCs) attract and select the best.

We can help to maximise the available pool of potential candidates and help you to ensure the right candidate is identified for your job.  We can support you in delivering a process which is clearly seen to be fair and open in line with our guidance for appointing Chief Officers.

This will ensure that you are able to fulfil your statutory functions in accordance with the regulations that govern appointments and selection, and assessment good practice. 

Our services are designed to support you in attracting and assessing candidates in a way that accurately reflects the requirements of the role and force. We can help you to assess candidates so you have detailed, reliable and relevant information to inform your decision making about the right candidate for your vacancy.

Our services

Establishing assessment criteria

We can develop bespoke job descriptions, which reflect national role profiles and your specific requirements. Ensuring job descriptions are tailored to your needs is a fundamental part of the appointment process and will enable you to identify the right candidate who meets the short, medium and long term requirements of the force and community.

Attraction and advertising

Providing comprehensive and transparent information to candidates is one way of facilitating a larger and more diverse pool of applicants to select from. We can help you develop application materials which promote the fairness and transparency of your application process. You can also make use of our Current opportunities page where you can advertise your vacancies.

Identifying candidates

We can identify and inform potential suitable applicants of your vacancy and encourage them to consider applying. Targeted advertising to interested candidates can assist you in maximising the number of applicants for your vacancy.

Developing assessment exercises

Assessment exercises which identify and measure the assessment criteria required for performance in the role are crucial to the success of your appointment process.

We can design a range of bespoke exercises which are tailored to the specific requirements of your vacancy and reflect the key issues and challenges facing your force. We can also develop tools which provide all candidates with an equal and fair opportunity to demonstrate the requirements you identify as important, which differentiate between candidate performances and minimise subjective bias.

Complete assessment documentation to support the delivery of the exercise can be provided including invigilator/assessor instructions, recording documentation and assessor guidance.

Appointment panel briefing

We can brief or train your appointment panel or exercise assessors, taking into account their experience and contextualising to your appointment process. Ensuring all appointment panel members are briefed in selection and assessment principles contributes to the reliability and fairness of your appointment process.

Assessment delivery

We can support you in delivering the appointment process, including advice on timetabling and resources, which can also include attending assessment stages to support your delivery team. When done successfully, this is an opportunity to market your appointment processes transparency and provide candidates with reassurance that your process is being delivered fairly and consistently.

Personality assessment and profiling

Personality assessment tools can reveal valuable information about how applicants are likely to operate in the role and fit with the organisations culture. Through exploring applicants' values, attitudes, beliefs and motivations, our trained psychologists can help you to determine whether these represent strengths or areas for development in relation to your vacancy.

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