The Leadership Review pre Interim Report

The College of Policing is carrying out a review of Leadership in Policing. The review is taking a fundamental look at future leadership needs, it aims to identify the challenges and opportunities likely to face policing in the coming decades and recommend changes required to enable everyone within policing to meet them.

The review is:

  • considering leadership in the next 5 -10 years but also consider the issues and challenges beyond 2025
  • looking at leadership operating at all levels (officers and staff) within policing and not just at the highest levels of the structure
  • evidence based, drawing on data from a wide variety of sources, including making best us of the learning and practice in partner agencies, private and third sectors
  • conducted in collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders who are also contributing to the recommendations within the review
  • ensuring that cultural issues are considered across all aspects of the review
  • producing recommendations, some of which may result in detailed delivery plans or further research beyond the review's publication.

Background to the review

The College of Policing had committed to undertake a review of leadership development and on the 22nd July 2014, the Home Secretary Theresa May asked the College to undertake an immediate and fundamental review of police leadership including looking at:

  • how to go further and faster with direct entry
  • how we can encourage officers to gain experience outside policing before returning later in life
  • how we can open up the senior ranks to candidates from different backgrounds. The review will start immediately.

The review will report to the Home Secretary in spring 2015.

The review's work streams:

Horizon scanning and Interpretation

These work streams have described the future environment in which policing will operate and then interpreting this in terms of what it means for Police Leadership. The work carried out by the College has been reviewed by Professor Harry Scarborough from CASS Business School. Professor Scarborough presented his findings in a workshop with serving police and staff in January 2015.

Scanning and Interpretation presentation.


Identify and recommend what structures are fit for purpose, and those which are required to meet future leadership challenges.

Education, selection and development

Identify and recommend what structures are fit for purpose in education, selection and development, and those which are required to meet future leadership challenges.

Each of the work streams are exploring matters arising around culture such as where culture helps or hinders leadership, and the culture changes needed to effectively follow through the Review's recommendations.

How to become involved

We want to engage with people from inside and outside of policing. Further details of the opportunities available to feed into the review, will be available on this web page.

Download the summary of conference workshops that were held in December 2014.

Join the POLKA community discussion.

Join the Knowledge Hub discussion (for all stakeholders)

Governance and management of the Review

A project group has been established and work streams activity is supported by professionals from within policing (officers and staff) and from outside policing. In addition there is a Project Reference Group and an Expert Reference Group.

Further information

If you would like to receive email updates on the work of the review - including dates of the engagement sessions and how to get involved - please email:

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