Guiding Principles for Organisational Leadership

In the Leadership Review, published in June 2015, we set out the case for change in the way we equip those working in policing with leadership skills and knowledge. Policing faces economic challenges, shifting demographics, rising citizen expectations, rapid technological advances and the arrival of the internet as a social space. Taken together, these trends are driving rapid complexity and change. To meet the challenges ahead, it’s more important than ever that the police embed consistent professional practice that is ethically based and informed by evidence.

Leadership sits at the heart of what it means to practise as a professional. The principles describe themes that are important to good organisational leadership. Having a common understanding of the principles laid out in this document and how they could be implemented should improve the quality of organisational leadership across the police service. They've been developed in collaboration with the National Police Chiefs' Council (NPCC), Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) and a wide range of people working across policing.

It is important to note the principles are not intended to be a check list for forces. The College, NPCC and HMIC will use them to support different ways of working with the police service to understand, develop and display effective leadership. While some forces may share similar needs and practices, differences will also exist. The principles are intended to embrace and support those differences.

The principles provide guidance on what good leadership looks like in an organisation and help forces develop an inspirational and compelling vision for its support and delivery. Ultimately, while the principles are intended to inform how forces approach leadership, it's only forces and leaders themselves who can make them a reality.

Examples of good practise:

In the future, they should be informed by research on 'what works' and supported by examples of good practice. These examples can come from forces and from other public and private sector organisations and will be published on our membership area.

In addition the College, HMIC and NPCC will support opportunities for forces to share practise in other ways. These will be publicised as they are developed.

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