Interviewing victims, witnesses and suspects

​Investigation is a core duty of policing and interviewing is central to its success, by upholding the highest standards.

Without the accounts of those who played a central role in the crime, or those who have witnessed an important aspect of the commission of a crime, other sources of material such as CCTV images, fingerprints and forensic material, although extremely important, may have little value.

COVID-19 may make it difficult for officers to conduct timely interviews with victims or witnesses, particularly with those who are shielded, self-Isolating or otherwise concerned about the transmission of the coronavirus.

We have produced some resources to provide advice on alternative options that may facilitate initial accounts and support delayed interviews.

You can also visit our Authorised Professional Practice (APP) section for more on Investigative Interviewing and Witness interviews.

Also take a look at the Personal Protective Equipment information and the Health Protection Regulations to make sure that you are aware of the most up-to-date guidance.


Self-administered interviews

Interview protocol

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