Professional Development

Karl Faulkner, Warwickshire Police

Why was Karl nominated?

Karl has taken his force from requiring improvement in relation to problem solving, to being a national leading organisation in the field. He has developed his own knowledge and expertise around the subject, utilised existing national and international best practice, worked with the College of Policing and embedded systems change within the organisation alongside a shift in culture. Karl undertook a review of the organisational approach towards problem solving and developed new training regimes, electronic recording mechanisms and neighbourhood policing policies focused on demand reduction. He developed an innovative method of drawing in community and demographic information to display to community policing teams, allowing them to research and understand their communities in detail and therefore solve problems effectively. Karl developed professional relationships with leading authorities in the field and he is now recognised as a leading expert himself.

How does Karl demonstrate professionalism in everyday policing? 

Karl has taken an important and essential element of modern policing and embedded it effectively within an organisation that had very little experience of structured problem solving. Whilst doing so he has built relations with a number of other forces around the country who have utilised his approach and implemented it within their own organisations. He has undertaken reviews and assessments on behalf of the national Tilley Awards and is the first person in the country to develop a performance matrix around problem solving.

What is the lasting impact of Karl's story on colleagues or the public?

Karl's actions have allowed for a shift in organisational culture around problem solving. Colleagues have had training from national experts, supported further by practical exercises. He has worked tirelessly to embed this approach beyond the neighbourhood policing environment and into investigations, vulnerability, strategic planning and external partnerships. Neighbourhood policing teams have a more professional approach to engaging with and understanding their communities which has developed improvements in service provision alongside significant reductions in anti-social behaviour. Karl has dedicated himself to professionalising the workforce and developing a structured approach towards problem solving for the benefit of local communities.

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