Liberato Lionetti, Bedfordshire Police

Why was Liberato nominated?

Liberato has contributed positively to the community as a Special Sergeant, as well as fulfilling the role of a force Police Cadet Instructor for the past seven years. His full time role is working at a restaurant, yet he has also committed at least 40 hours each month to the police for the past 18 years. Liberato has simultaneously assisted with guiding cadets through a three-year cadet programme while attending and supporting duties with the cadet team. His dedication to the force as a volunteer is incredible, and, speaking as one of his cadets, my whole team is very proud of him. No matter what the day brings, Liberato always has a positive attitude influencing the cadets to strive for success.

How does Liberato demonstrate professionalism in everyday policing? 

Liberato is a well-known and well-respected figure in this region. His work with the police cadets is also inspirational regarding his methods of teaching. His input while working with the special team was splendid; he has made a difference to many people of different ages, always striving for success and fortunately achieving it. Liberato volunteers not because he feels obligated to, but because he wants to make a difference to young individuals like me. The best part is that he supports them through their difficult journey relating to his own experiences.

What is the lasting impact of Liberato's story on colleagues or the public?

Liberato's dedication to the force and to the young people he works with is incredible and outstanding. During his years as an instructor he has witnessed many cadets moving on to different career paths within the police such as: becoming a special, PCSO and even CID. And we can all say that these successes wouldn't have happened without the help of Liberato. He has inspired me and many others to excel and thrive within the community, if it wasn't for Liberato I wouldn't have achieved the many things I have to this day.

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