Evidence Base (Applying Research)

Jonathan Townsend (Kent Police)

Why was Jonathan nominated?

Jonathan is a full-time doctor working at a London hospital.  He is also a Special Constabulary Inspector at Tactical Operations within this force, putting in volunteer policing hours every month for his team across dog section, marine unit, rural team and public order.  However, his extra-mile contribution is additional support on top of those two responsibilities to promoting, teaching and evolving tactical medicine in public order and operational policing.  Jonathan is also a critical founder in the development and roll out of the Emergency Trauma Pack Scheme project team within the force, partner services, public venues, while promoting it nationally.  His training and skills continue to saves lives operationally with courses being delivered in the area as a centre of excellence.  The ETP scheme has benefited from his professional knowledge, accrediting it professionally, and is now being adopted within and beyond the county.

How does Jonathan demonstrate professionalism in everyday policing?

The force has a legacy of tactical medicine delivery.  Jonathan has brought professional skills from his full-time role to enhance and promote clinical standards.  He is the consummate professional, blending the disciplines of care and policing.  His work in the field of medics training, operational deployment and development of the ETP scheme promotes the core Peelian principle of protecting and preserving life.  Accountable to external standards and scrutiny, Jonathan's discretionary contributions ensure organisationally the force excel.  The consequence is seen in the lives saved, compliments received from doctors and paramedics, and public confidence demonstrated in adopting our ideas.

What is the lasting impact of this story on colleagues or the public:?

The training and maintenance of numerous trauma medics within and beyond the force in disciplines including armed policing and public order, helping develop and deliver courses in support of the full time medical trainer.  Jonathan's professional contributions have aided adoption of new techniques, saving of lives, and the best care to injured individuals.  His ETP project work put haemorrhage control kits in public venues in the county, promoting best practice, and put kits in every police vehicle (already used five times in three months).  In his alternative profession of medicine he has promoted interoperability and training, building true cohesion and resilience.

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