Jemma Woolley, Northumbria Police

Why was Jemma nominated?

Jemma has gone over and above to design and deliver engaging and impactful campaigns teaching the public how to spot the signs of vulnerability, getting them thinking and educating them in what they can do to help.

Jemma designed and delivered a social experiment in the city centre - this tested the public's response to someone who showed the early signs of dementia. She worked with charities to ensure this was accurately and sensitively done. She filmed the experiment and edited the footage into a video which was used on our social media channels.

In a further strand of the campaign, Jemma developed a virtual reality experience to bring to life three real-world examples of vulnerability - Child Sexual Exploitation, Coercive Control and Night Time Economy. The VR experience has been delivered to the community and gives real purpose to our key messages.

How does Jemma demonstrate professionalism in everyday policing?

Jemma has really thought outside the box and introduced new approaches that have not been delivered by the force before. 

She is truly modernising our approach to campaigns and evaluating the impact they have.

Jemma knew a three-month campaign was not enough to cover vulnerability.  As a force priority she wanted this to land really well with the public so decided to do a 12 month campaign to ensure she could evaluate the impact.

Jemma links the force priorities to everything she does and ensures that she is able to demonstrate the difference. 

What is the lasting impact of Jemma's story on colleagues or the public?

Quotes from the public include:
"Good video. Simple but effective."
"@xxxxxxxxxxxxx this got me too, not proud to admit this but I would have probably just dismissed that man: too busy, no time to help but not anymore.  I know this will make me think differently next time."

On social media the reaction was huge, reaching over half a million people, and it was our most engaged Twitter content of the year so far. Our Facebook community was also incredibly supportive of the message – with 4,500 engagements on a single post and a resulting spike in followers for our page.

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