College ‚Äčof Policing Awards 2019 - The Winners' Stories

Picture of awards winners

Following the success of the inaugural College of Policing Awards last year we are proud to announce the 2019 winners!


Liberato Lionetti, Bedfordshire Police
Liberato has contributed positively to the community as a Sergeant in the Special Constabulary, as well as fulfilling the role of a force Police Cadet Instructor for the past seven years.

His full time role is working at a restaurant, yet he has also committed at least 40 hours each month to the police for the past 18 years. Liberato has simultaneously assisted with guiding cadets through a three-year cadet programme while attending and supporting duties with the cadet team.

Read his full story here


G999 team, Devon and Cornwall Police
This project is a collaboration between a team of special constables and a mental health charity. Every Friday night this team takes over any job that police are dealing with which has a mental health element to it.

The clinician then supports the individual to give them a far greater level of care than they would normally get. This team has been going for six months and has supported over 50 people, often suicidal or with severe mental illnesses. The team aims to stabilise the individual in the short term and also work on a long-term plan.

Read their full story here


Jemma Woolley, Northumbria Police
Jemma has gone over and above to design and deliver engaging and impactful campaigns teaching the public how to spot the signs of vulnerability. She designed and delivered a social experiment in the city centre to test the public's response to someone who showed the early signs of dementia. She worked with charities to ensure this was accurately and sensitively done.

In a further strand of the campaign, Jemma developed a virtual reality experience to bring to life three real-world examples of vulnerability - Child Sexual Exploitation, Coercive Control and Night Time Economy.

Read her full story here


The Autism Alert Card Working Group, Metropolitan Police Service
The members of this team all have a keen interest in improving how police interact with individuals with autism. The team designed and created an Autism Alert Card and passport that could be produced by an individual with autism and presented to those interacting with them.

This information then allows an officer to know how best to communicate with them to ensure the interaction is as smooth as possible.

Read their full story here


Stuart Charlesworth, Greater Manchester Police
Following a high-profile incident, Stuart lived with PTSD for years before seeking help. Since receiving treatment he has worked to reduce the stigma of mental health for police officers by sharing his journey. He has presented his very powerful talk 'I'm Fine' within force and beyond.

As a peer supporter, Stuart helps individual officers deal with mental illness, PTSD and keeps them in policing. He supports leaders with help and advice, and encourages and empowers others to get help.

Read his full story here


Jonathan Townsend, Kent Police
Jonathan is a full time doctor working at a London hospital and he is also a Special Constabulary Inspector. Using his professional knowledge and expertise he has been instrumental in promoting, teaching and evolving tactical medicine in public order and operational policing.

Additionally, Jonathan has been key in the development and roll out of the Emergency Trauma Pack Scheme, which is now being adopted around the country.

Read his full story here


Karl Faulkner, Warwickshire Police
Karl undertook a review of the force approach to problem solving after they were classified as 'requiring improvement'. He worked extensively with internal and external partners to develop new methods and a shift in culture.

Karl went on to develop new training regimes, electronic recording mechanisms and neighbourhood policing policies focused on demand reduction which led to the force now being recognised as a leading light in the area.

Read his full story here

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