Increase in officers passing Sergeant exams

More than 1,800 officers pass exams en route to promotion.

Increase in officers passing Sergeant exams

More than 1,800 candidates have passed their Sergeants’ OSPRE® Part I examination as part of their route to promotion – an increase on last year’s numbers.

The examination is one of the stages of the promotion system used by police forces in England and Wales for promotion between the ranks of constable to sergeant.

The examination, which was held on 10 March 2015, tests candidates on their knowledge and application of relevant law, evidence and procedure.

We are responsible for setting and organising the examinations and distributing feedback to officers.

A total of 4,497 candidates attending the exam and 1,842 (42 per cent) came away successful.
This was an increase compared to last year which saw 1,730 (38 per cent) candidates pass.

There was a significant difference observed in the success rates of male and female candidates with 492 (46 per cent) females passing, while 1,333 (39 per cent) male colleagues were successful.

Overall representation of minority ethnic candidates remains consistent with previous years.
There were 1,734 (41 per cent) successful white ethnic candidates and 106 (34 per cent) successful minority ethnic candidates.

Louise Meade, Head of Selection and Assessment at the College of Policing, said:

“Congratulations to all of the successful candidates who are now eligible to apply for Step Three of the National Police Promotion Framework process.

“The College of Policing is here to support officers through their continuous professional development and aims to give them the skills and confidence to perform their job.”

​A new process for officer promotions across England and Wales came into place last month. Officers who want to be promoted from constable to sergeant, or sergeant to inspector, will now undergo the National Police Promotion Framework (NPPF).

The NPPF is a four step promotion process which is only attained once a candidate has successfully completed all four steps. Completion of step four also leads to a professional qualification in police management.

We have launched a new online community for officers and police staff to begin exploring what the College offers ahead of our introduction of formal membership later this year.​

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