PPU event to examine officer and staff wellbeing

Public protection officers and staff are invited to share their experiences at a free event aimed at improving wellbeing.

‚ÄčThe Superintendents' Association carried out a survey recently of members who work in public protection units (PPUs). Many PPU officers reported they did not feel that they were adequately trained for their role and felt unsupported and over-worked.

As the professional body for everybody in policing, the College of Policing plans to host an event in London in September where police officers and staff can examine these findings, share their own experiences and identify what improvements could be made to benefit the frontline.

The work is being led by Essex Police Chief Constable Stephen Kavanagh, in his role as the chair for the College of Policing's crime and criminal justice community. The event will focus to a great extent on wellbeing of officers and staff working in PPUs.

David Tucker, head of crime and criminal justice for the College, said: "Officers and staff working in PPUs are often dealing with high-risk crimes with a broad area of responsibility. Unfortunately, these crimes are also high volume. It is vital people working in this area feel supported and valued, and important partner agencies are tasked with the same responsibilities.

"Our national demand analysis showed more police time than ever is spent safeguarding and protecting vulnerable people and the structure of PPUs need to adapt to the changing landscape of crime. The purpose of this event is to hear real-life experiences from PPU officers and staff to see how different forces are responding to these challenges.

"We want to examine what can be put in place to help officers and staff to feel as though they are fully capable of doing their job and equipped with all the necessary skills. To do this, we want to hear from frontline officers and staff of any rank or role. We can't solve the problems if we don't know what they are, so I'd ask anybody in this area who feels they could contribute to get involved."

To register your interest for the event, email Karen.lewis@college.pnn.police.uk. Once times and dates are confirmed, more information will be available on our website.

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