What do future police leader's look like?

Top to bottom review of leadership across policing is underway


Our leadership review team has been hosting a series of workshops and engagement events to get feedback from officers, staff and volunteers about the police leadership needs for the future.

The team is reviewing leadership at all levels in policing, including how we equip leaders with the challenges they are going to face in the next 10-20 years and how they can be successful.

It will look at how we can encourage a more mobile and flexible workforce, national standards for promotion and how to open up the senior ranks to candidates from different backgrounds

Last week the College held a workshop with representatives from the Special Constabulary seeking its views on police leadership and an event with the force learning and development leads and the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development police forum. Next week representatives across all police ranks are meeting in Ryton to review the findings so far.

College of Policing Chief Executive, Chief Constable Alex Marshall, said:

"There are lots of things that will be different in the next 10 or 20 years and we need to prepare future leaders to be successful.

Austerity will still be a major issue but there will be new challenges which we must prepare for. We know crime types are changing, we know that populations and migration patterns are different".

"There are a whole lot of things that we can say will be very different for the police in the way they have to operate in the future.

The leadership review will look at how you select the right leaders, how do you develop the right leaders, what skills do you need to give them what characteristics should those people have?"

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Read Sergeant Gareth Stubbs (currently seconded to the Review team) thoughts on the leadership review.

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