Direct Entry and Fast Track programmes – latest

The College’s Direct Entry and Fast Track programmes are well underway

​As the College announces the appointment of five successful Direct Entry candidates to the Metropolitan Police Service training programme, Chief Superintendent Nicola Dale gives an update on the Direct Entry and Fast Track recruitment programmes.

A new wave of our Direct Entry candidates will begin work with the Metropolitan Police at the end of October.

The Direct Entry programme sees successful candidates, who are proved to be exceptional leaders in another profession, enter police at the rank of superintendent.

A total of 35 candidates attended the College’s National Assessment Centre earlier this year and seven of those were successful in reaching the final stage of the process which is final force selection.

The Metropolitan Police Service approved five of their six candidates, who will start in their new role later this year. Another candidate from Leicestershire Police has also been selected.

In addition, our successful Fast Track to inspector candidates are due to start their training in earnest next month.

This is an exciting time for policing. Both the Direct Entry programme and our Fast Track initiative are now well underway.

The application window for the selection of internal (serving constables) to join the 2016 cohort of Fast Track programme opens on 20 October 2015.

Our external Fast Track programme, which is under review, allows members of the public and police staff to apply for the chance to progress to inspector rank in three years.

However, what all these schemes have in common is the fact we are working to develop and reward the most talented people in policing to ensure the profession has the brightest and the best leaders possible. The successful candidates have been thoroughly vetted and assessed by several independent boards to make sure they’re the best people for the job.

Our candidates have a tough road ahead of them. The Fast Track recruits will undergo an intense training course, while the Direct Entry candidates will be put through the rigours of rotational training and assessment at constable, sergeant, inspector and superintendent ranks. There will be a lot of take in and they will be tested every step of the way to ensure they are prepared for the challenges ahead.

It is absolutely right that they be tested like this. As we all know, policing at any rank is an incredibly demanding, difficult task. Police officers have to handle situations every day that members of the public would never be faced with. Not only that, but the candidates will be progressing to high ranks in just a few years – which makes it imperative that we get their training right.

I have every confidence that our programmes will equip our candidates with the skills they need to excel in their roles and we look forward to taking Direct Entry further under recommendation 4 of the Leadership Review. I look forward to sharing more detail as it becomes available.

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