How does the future of police leadership look?

Interim report on leadership in policing makes 10 recommendations for change.

We have published a Leadership Review interim report outlining the steps needed to equip future police leaders for a different and challenging future.

It looks at leadership operating at all levels (officers and staff) within policing and not just at the highest levels of the structure.

It has made recommendations which look at:

  • Improving culture
  • Addressing unintended consequences of hierarchy
  • Increasing diversity and valuing difference
  • Giving attention to both management and leadership development
  • Recognising lateral development
  • Achieving greater consistency of practice across forces
    Research papers

We’ve also published a series of research papers looking at leadership and integrity as part of our ongoing work to build the evidence base around what works in policing.

The papers have been used to help inform the development of the leadership review and the Code of Ethics.

The key findings from the studies include:

  • Officers and staff who feel they have been unfairly treated are likely to disengage, see less value in delivering a quality service to the public, become more cynical in their views, and be less committed to ethical policing.
  • Therefore, in addition to ensuring that management practices are fair, inclusive and open, there may be value in forces trying to identify where their greatest vulnerabilities are in respect of employees feeling unfairly treated by supervisors and senior leaders.
  • Chief officers need to ensure they have access both to support in their decision-making and to constructive challenge, and the barriers to challenge need to be addressed (for example, through whistle-blowing provisions).
  • Ethical standards will improve with greater openness of debate on police ethics. The publication of the Code of Ethics may help in this respect.
  • The need for strong and effective leadership – such as leaders being open, acting as role models, and also being ‘firm’ in terms of setting and enforcing standards – was highlighted as encouraging ethical behaviour and as essential for the successful implementation of interventions.

Read more about the research reports and our work with academic partners
Read more about the interim leadership review

Feedback on interim leadership report

The College welcomes feedback on the report from inside and outside of policing. This feedback will be reviewed in order to inform the content of the final report, which will be published in June 2015.

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