Sergents OSPRE Part I examination results

This article appears in the May 2014 edition of the College newsletter.

​More than 1,700 candidates have passed the Sergeants' OSPRE® Part I examination as part of their route to promotion.

The examination is one of the stages of the promotion system used by police forces in England and Wales for promotion between the ranks of constable and sergeant.

The examination, which was held in March, tests candidates on their knowledge and application of relevant law, evidence and procedure.

We sent all of the results to forces and candidates at the end of April.

A total of 4,536 candidates attended the examination, a decrease of three per cent on the 2013 examination. Of those, 1,730 were successful, a pass rate of 38 per cent. This was a lower pass rate than 2013 where 42 per cent were successful.

There was a significant difference observed in the success rates of male and female candidates. The pass rate among female candidates was 42 per cent (476 candidates), compared with a 37 per cent (1,244 candidates) pass rate for male candidates.

Overall representation of minority ethnic candidates remains consistent with previous years. Candidates declaring their ethnic origin as white achieved a success rate higher than minority ethnic candidates but there was no significant difference observed between these pass rates, which is comparable with previous years' results. Of the 75 candidates who stated that English was not their first language, 36 per cent (27 candidates) were successful.

There are currently two routes for officers seeking promotion, either through the OSPRE® system or the National Police Promotion Framework (NPPF).

Both systems operate alongside each other but there was a significant difference in success rates between candidates who are registered through the different routes. Candidates in forces which operate the NPPF achieved a pass rate of 45 per cent (770 candidates), compared to 34 per cent (960 candidates) from forces that use OSPRE®. This is consistent with previous years.

Some successful candidates will now go forward to take part in the OSPRE® Part II assessment centre in October while others will go through the NPPF Step 3.

The seven National Police Promotion Framework forces are Avon & Somerset, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, the Metropolitan Police, Merseyside, Thames Valley and Sussex.

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