Enhanced access to chief officers' gifts and hospitality

College website improves public access to police information.

​For the first time, information about the gifts and hospitality offered to all police force chief officers in England and Wales is appearing on a single website.

The register of chief officer gifts and hospitality has been created as part of our work to improve public access to police information.

The register outlines a brief description of the gift or hospitality offered, whether it was accepted or declined, and who the donor was. Its aim is to further increase transparency and enhance public confidence in the integrity of chief officers and other senior police leaders.

Police forces across England and Wales provide this information on their own websites, but the College register has made it more publicly accessible.

College of Policing Chief Executive Officer, Chief Constable Alex Marshall, said: "The publication of this new register is part of the College's Integrity Programme, and allows the public to scrutinise what gifts and hospitality chief officers receive more easily.

"This information has been collated in one place for the first time and shows forces are committed to being open and transparent."

In May, the College published the first national register of chief officers' pay and reward packages. It detailed senior police leaders' pay and reward packages including salaries, pension entitlements and other expenses paid. In addition, any officer or staff member whose salary exceeded £150,000 per year was named, and the numbers of officers or staff earning more than £50,000 per year were published.

Next month we will publish a register of chief officers' business interests.

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