UK police chosen by UN to train officers in East Africa

Officers travel to Tanzania to train police in public order ahead of elections in the country.

​Police officers from the UK have been chosen by the United Nations to train officers in East Africa ahead of a referendum and elections.

Tanzania Police Force will undergo intensive training by UK officers in public order, including managing conflict and applying a human rights approach towards policing practice.

Ninety senior and middle-ranking officers from every region in the United Republic of Tanzania will be trained, after the force specifically requested the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to recruit trainers from the College of Policing. Efforts were also made to ensure that women officers were identified for training.

The British model of public order policing will be used and will allow police leaders to establish a command structure and deal with topics including human rights, managing crowds, critical incident management, tactical planning and decision making.

Tanzania will have both a constitutional referendum and general elections in 2015.

The training began in June and will take eight trainers from the College a total of two months to complete. It will be delivered through four two-week courses in Dar es Salaam, the country's largest city, and Zanzibar. Commanders will then return to their stations and cascade the training in every region in the country.

Sergeant Mark Goodyear, from the public order unit at the College, has travelled to Tanzania to train the country's police commanders. He said: "The British Model of Policing is admired around the world. Our team were very privileged to be able to go to Tanzania, on behalf of the College and impart our public order experiences and knowledge to a very receptive group of African police commanders."

The training is part of a wider programme of UNDP support to strengthen the capacities of the Tanzanian police to ensure a peaceful elections process for 2015.

Philippe Poinsot, UNDP Country Director in Tanzania said: "UNDP collaborated with UK officers in 2010 to train Tanzanian Police officers on public order management techniques in advance of the elections that year.

"The College of Policing came back to Tanzania this year as part of UNDP support to the 2015 elections process following a specific request from the Tanzania Police Force, TPF.

"The continuity of approach was obviously an important factor for TPF, but this is also a reflection of the high standard of practical training the College is able to deliver."

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