Thousands of BME officers speak out on recruitment

Officers at all ranks, from constable to chief superintendent, give their views.

​More than 3,000 black and minority ethnic (BME) police officers have taken part in a first national survey on recruitment.

The officers - ranging in rank from constable to chief superintendent - made their voices heard in our survey to understand what forces are doing to attract, recruit and retain BME talent.

The survey comes as figures show BME officers are over-represented at the rank of constable, but not further up the ranks. We are now requesting forces to share any best practice with us and identify any barriers to BME progression.

The results of the survey will be published in a report later in the summer, once analysis and recommendations can be made to forces.

Workshops will be held in the autumn to help forces put in place action plans to improve BME recruitment and progression based on the evidence collected to date.

Superintendent Manjit Thandi, who is leading the project, said: "The figures show us that black and minority ethnic officers are over-represented at the rank of constable but this is not the case further up the ranks and within specialisms.

"This programme recognises that change in this area takes time but we want to put in place the structures and support that will have a long-term impact on the prospects for BME officers.

"There is no single answer to ensuring that we provide every officer with equality of opportunity, but this survey will provide an important benchmark as we identify what works in creating a more fair, inclusive and supportive working environment for all staff."

The work is part of our BME Progression 2018 programme.

The survey has now closed, but officers and staff who would like to get in touch with the BME Progression 2018 team and provide their comments and feedback can email

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