What's in it for me?

‚ÄčThe simple answer is - a lot!

We have much to offer every one of the 220,000 people working in policing across England and Wales.

The obvious is the opportunity we create for everyone in policing to continuously update and build their skills and expertise.

As the first professional body for policing, we will create some of the best training packages in the world to help everyone in policing develop and progress in their careers.

We will use evidence to discover what works in policing, and our learning and development teams will then create training packages which will continually develop everyone in the service.

We've recruited a team of Frontline Champions - a direct link between the front line and us.

These new Frontline Champions will help shape our products, services and training from the first stages of development so that they are tightly focused around what people working on the front line need, when they need it.

Champions will also act as advocates for innovation and best practice from their own force area or region, as we seek to build expertise and an evidence base of "what works" in tackling crime. We will feature more on Frontline Champions in future editions.

The views of everyone in policing are essential to the success of the College.

In the next edition, Helen Schofield - the College's Head of Learning Strategy - will explain the learning and development opportunities we will be offering to everyone, and how this will work in the future.

But read on to know more about what we have done to support the service so far.

This article appears in the January 2014 edition of our newsletter.

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