Police & Crime Commissioner's view from the College Board

​Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne talks about her role and sitting on our Board.

"As a director on the Board of the College of Policing, I am pleased to be able to play a part in overseeing its work in shaping the training and development of the police service for the future.

"During its first year - and in mine as an elected PCC - the College of Policing Board has tackled a number of challenging topics, not least the issue of police integrity. I welcomed the recent consultation on the College's first Code of Ethics for policing, which will raise the bar for standards in the police in England and Wales.

"I am very conscious that trust in the police nationally has come under intense scrutiny. Locally, this will inevitably impact on the perception of officers, and that is why I have set a specific objective in my Police & Crime Plan 'Safer in Sussex' to increase public confidence. The new measures being proposed by the College will play a big part in helping me to achieve this by ensuring the highest standards of integrity and conduct throughout the police service.

"The police service may be changing but the principles on which it was founded still stand. 'The police are the public and the public are the police.' Trust and integrity are paramount as the police can't fight crime alone; they need the support of the public. They need the right foundations and the College of Policing is helping to put these in place. Ensuring the police become more transparent in their business is vital to improving public confidence, as is making sure that the organisations we ask to oversee the police are well equipped to do the job.

"It is important for PCCs to understand how their police forces are performing against national standards, so we can identify and address the policing needs in our area and be confident that our local plans reflect local priorities.

"As PCC it is my job to hold the police to account on behalf of the public. In Sussex I am about to embark on the recruitment and appointment of a new Chief Constable. The College is supporting me through this process, providing guidance to ensure Sussex attracts the very best candidate to meet the challenges that lie ahead and serve the county in the future.

"I look forward to my continuing involvement with the College of Policing."

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