Exceptional acts in policing are awarded by College CEO

‚ÄčA security guard has received one of 23 College awards for "exceptional contribution to policing" after saving the lives of two people in separate incidents within 24 hours.

Police officers and staff working for the College were recognised during our first-ever commendation ceremony in London on 21 January.

Among the winners was the team who trained and prepared mutual aid officers to patrol Northern Ireland when the world leaders arrived for the G8 summit.

One of the more unusual winners was security guard Frank Porter, who works at the College's Bramshill site in Hampshire. Frank received a commendation for saving the lives of two conference delegates at separate events - his quick actions saved a doctor from Kenya who suffered a stroke while attending an international senior leadership event, and the following day a delegate attending another course suffered a heart attack.

Frank was awarded for his "quick thinking and ability to remain clam in a stressful situation (which) undoubtedly saved both their lives".

On receiving his award, Frank said: "It's nice to be recognised, but I'm not a hero. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time. I received a thank-you from the Kenyan gentleman who I helped, which was absolutely fantastic. I've been trained up to be able to help - it's really the trainers who deserve the recognition."

Police officers and staff from six forces received commendations, including a team from Greater Manchester who pioneered new study techniques to deliver ground breaking research into police training.

Chief Executive Alex Marshall, who presented the awards, said:

"These awards celebrate the very best of the College of Policing and the important contribution that colleagues have made to support frontline officers and staff.  We have recognised a huge range of work, from those who trained and prepared the officers deployed on mutual aid in Northern Ireland during the G8 Summit, to a team who pioneered new approaches to evidence-based policing in the UK.

"While much of this work is unseen by the public, there is no doubting the contribution that it makes to the front line.

"Next year will see the College leading a number of programmes around technology, integrity and training, and I am sure that there will be plenty to celebrate and recognise in the year ahead."

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