15 September 2018

Response to paper on chief officer appointments

The National Police Chiefs' Council has written a paper to look at issues regarding the appointment of chief officers, entitled 'Chief constable preparation, selection, tenure and retirement in the new landscape of policing.’

​Last year the College of Policing published a report and found that policing benefits from the widest pool of exceptional talent coming through the ranks and highlights the importance of having systems in place to make the role of chief constable more desirable.  You can read the report here or a shorter executive summary here.

Today's paper adds to this discussion and there will be a roundtable event next month, hosted by the College of Policing, to bring together chiefs and police and crime commissioners to address the issues raised.

College of Policing CEO, Chief Constable, Mike Cunningham, said: "Policing requires exemplary leadership to support officers and staff who have a challenging job and work in high-risk situations.

"Last year the College of Policing undertook a thorough investigation of these issues with input from more than half of serving chief constables and police and crime commissioners in England and Wales. We recognised then that the number of officers applying for the role of chief constable is too low and have taken action by carrying out a review of chief officer selection and training, and developing plans for a leadership hub. Tackling the problems is a shared responsibility with leaders in policing and that is why I am chairing a round table with police and crime commissioners to consider all the available evidence and reach a common understanding of the challenges. There is a commitment across the service to understand what needs to change so that police forces can nurture and support our future leaders."

Work by the College of Policing to support the appointment of chief officers:

1. The College of Policing has published new recruitment guidance for police and crime commissioners.

You can read the guidance here.

2. The Strategic Command Course is run by the College of Policing and prepares police officers and staff for promotion to the most senior ranks in the service. It is a statutory requirement for officers seeking promotion to Assistant Chief Constable (ACC) and above.

You can read more about what the course entails and the application process here.

3. Before applying for a place on the Strategic Command Course, an officer must pass the College of Policing's Senior Police National Assessment Centre. Interested officers no longer need to approval of their line manager to apply, but must obtain consent from their chief constable.

You can read more about the assessment centre here.

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