20 July 2018

Response to Justice Committee disclosure report

Chief Constable Mike Cunningham, CEO of the College of Policing, said: “The legitimacy of our criminal justice system relies on it being fair and even-handed. The public rightly expect to see the guilty convicted, but it is equally important to avoid the wrongful conviction of the innocent.

​"We have been working with partners to address failures in disclosure since summer 2017 and together we have put in place a plan for change which we are pleased to see the Justice Committee has welcomed.

"The College has created new disclosure training and standards for officers and police forces across England and Wales and there are now specific disclosure officers in both frontline and senior ranks in every force who can give the right advice to colleagues.

"Today's helpful report is being carefully considered to understand what more can be done to improve disclosure so that we can continue protecting the public and bringing offenders to justice."

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