21 January 2020

Advice and guidance issued to help keep stalking victims safe

Frontline officers and staff can access advice and guidance from the College of Policing on using new police powers to help make victims of stalking safer.

​Stalking Protection Orders, which give police the opportunity to apply for a civil order alongside a criminal investigation and can include prohibitions to stop perpetrators from approaching their victims, are now available for use by police forces in England and Wales.

To help police forces prepare the College of Policing has worked with the Home Office and National Police Chief’s Council to develop statutory guidance and advice products to assist forces to ensure their officers and staff are ready for the legislative changes.

This includes a range of briefings for frontline officers, presentations for authorising officers and a detailed breakdown of the processes both frontline and investigating officers have to follow when applying to court to obtain a Stalking Protection Order.

Sharon Stratton, public protection lead for the College of Policing, said: “Stalking involves fixated and obsessive behaviour and these serious offences can have a devastating impact on individuals and their loved ones.

“These orders are about equipping the police service with the necessary tools to better protect victims in stalking cases. Our advice and knowledge products are available for all forces to ensure officers and staff understand how best to use those powers.

“Stalking or harassment is covered extensively in national police training, which is mandatory for all police recruits, and is a key part of other College of Policing courses.”

Further details on the advice and support for officers around Stalking Protection Orders can be found on the College of Policing’s website.

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