10 July 2019

College urges greater investment in officers and staff following publication of the Frontline Review

Police officers and staff deserve greater investment in wellbeing support, training and development, according to the College of Policing.

​Following the publication of the government’s Frontline Review, where the views and ideas of officers and staff were comprehensively gathered over the course of a year, the College is reiterating its commitment to listen to and support officers and staff across the service.

The review makes a number of recommendations, including calling for a better connection between policing organisations and those on the frontline. The College is working with forces and partner organisations to act on the feedback given by officers and staff in the review.

A number of services specifically designed to support officers and staff on the frontline are already provided by the College, including the recently launched National Police Wellbeing Service, which offers mental health outreach support, training and toolkits to all forces in England and Wales.

DCC Bernie O’Reilly, College of Policing, said: “Today’s review once again highlights the incredible professionalism and dedication of police officers and staff in England and Wales.

"The review makes the concerns of those on the frontline clear and endorses much of our ongoing work. It is vital we continue to work with everyone across policing to address those needs.

“Policing is under strain, sickness absence rates are up and more investment is needed to support the wellbeing of officers and staff. We have taken the first steps to deliver additional tangible support to frontline officers and staff through the launch of the National Police Wellbeing Service, but we cannot stop there. Forces must be supported to invest more in those who work for them.

“This support must include help to manage the changing demands officers and staff face. The frontline should be recognised, developed and trained for the difficult job they do every day.

“We will consider the findings of the review carefully to ensure we identify all of the areas where the College can help. A full response will be published in due course, but in the meantime we will continue to work with partners across the service to support officers and staff.”

The College is working with the service to ensure policing develops greater awareness of the demands placed on the frontline and how to best equip officers and staff to meet those needs, particularly around issues such a violent crime.

Officers and staff can already share details of practical innovations and best practice through the College and work to make this more accessible will be undertaken over the coming months.

The College has also led work to introduce updated training for those joining policing as constables to reflect the complexity of modern policing and ways of recognising the skills and experience of officers with formal qualifications. It also provides officers and staff at all levels with opportunities to develop their skills and leadership capability.

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