Disclosure log and FOI compliance

 The College of Policing's disclosure log provides details of previous requests for information received and our response. It is recommended that you review the disclosure log before submitting a request for information to us as you may find the information you are seeking has already been disclosed.  Our disclosure log will be updated on a regular basis and we will add new requests and our response on this page.

If you have any comments or queries about our FOI compliance or disclosure log please contact us at FOI@College.pnn.police.uk



 College Disclosure log

January 2015

01. Investigator roles

02. Corporate Risk Register


03. Cybercrime e-learning


04. Police College reunion


06. Winsor 2 recommendations


07. International services provided by College

​08. OSPRE exam NI

09. Taser guidance

10. Mental health of police officers

February 2015

​01. Disapproved Register


​02. Designated Police Cells


​​03. Attendance at College Conferences by Doctors

0​​​4. Stun guns/body worn video

0​​​5. Update on the 2014 HMIC on the Strategic Policing Requirement Cyber Crime Force sign up

​March 2015

01. ​Police Information Notices (PINs)


02. ​National Undercover Scrutiny Panel


03. ​Contact details for College staff

​04. Disapproved Register


05. ​Legal status of the College


06. ​National Undercover Scrutiny Panel


07. ​Restraining/arrest techniques used by the Metropolitan Police

​08. ​Fast track and direct entry

​​​09. OSPRE results and analysis

​10. ​Contract with Amey

11. College Board Meeting Minutes

​​12. Public Order arrest policies

13. National Undercover Scrutiny Panel

​April 2015

​01. Road policing tactics directory


02. ​Safety in Mind video

​03. Publication of Gifts, Hospitality and Expenses


​04. Advertising in Police Journal


​05. ​National Investigating Examinations


06. ​Commission to Review Management of Police Injury Awards, Etc.

​07. Excusing Dishonest Officers

​08. ​International services provided by College

​09. ​Directors benefits and rewards

​10. ​Police Information Notices (PINs)

​​​11. Guidance for recipients of simple cautions

​May 2015

​01. ​Guidance for recipients of simple cautions


​02. Body Worn Video


​03. Mainstream Cyber Crime Training for non-HO  forces


​​04. ​Fast Track candidate numbers

​​05. National Centre for Domestic Violence (NCDV)

​​06. ​College of Policing staff numbers


​June 2015

01. ​Code of Ethics


02. ​Fast Track and Direct Entry


03. ​Sex Offenders' Register


04. ​Historic Cannabis Police Guidance


05. ​Detention by police

06. ​Training guidance for police officers and PCSOs


07. ​Disapproved Register

08. National Centre for Domestic Violence

​09. Victim Diaries

​10. ​Police promotion in UK

11. APP on Undercover Policing

​12. Disapproved Register

​​13. ​National Undercover Scrutiny Panel

​July 2015

​​01. Police Race Code history


02. National Investigators' Exam


​03. ​Crime Prevention initiatives


04. Injury on duty awards and police medical  appeal boards


05. Disapproved Register

​​​06. Disapproved Register

​​07. Disapproved Register

​08. ​ANPR Markers

​August 2015

​01. Police Badges


02. ​Police Leadership Review


03. ​Contact details for College staff


04. ​Authorising Officer for the College

​05. ​Police incidents and Mental Health

​06. Qualifications needed to join police

​07. ​PAVA and CS sprays used by forces

​September 2015

01. ​College VAT number


02. ​SEARCH assessment data


​03. Senior Command Course


04. ​Police training in spiritual abuse

​​05. NCND guidance

​​​06. Child Sexual abuse guidance

07. ​National Undercover Scrutiny Panel

08. ​Police monitoring of social networking


​October 2015

01. ​College work with Saudi Arabia


​02. OSPRE result dates


03. ​College work with Saudi Arabia


04. ​List of Independent members for appointing PCC


05. College work with Saudi Arabia

​​06. ​ANPR Data

​07. ​SCC pre-read lists

​08. ​Minutes of National Undercover Scrutiny Panel

​November 2015

01. Cohesion dedicated police personnel


02. ​Number of data breaches by College


​03. College work with Belarus


​04. College work with Saudi Arabia


​05. Policing protests report

06. National Police Firearms Training Curriculum

​​​07. College membership committee

​​08. ​National Undercover Working Group

​​​09. College legal status

​December 2015

​01. PSNI Sergeant promotion process


02. ​Funding for Professional Body memberships

​​03. ​Crime report training


​January 2016

01. ​Role plays used during firearms training  


02. ​College international work - Bahrain 


03. ​College Board materials 


04. ​Police investigations


05. Report on academic recognition for officers and staff  


​06. College international work - Occupied  Palestinian Territories


07. ​College international work - Algeria, Bahrain, Jordan, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Colombia


​​08. ​NPPF Step 2 MCQ Exam results for 2015

​09. College training materials which are licenced

​​10. ​National Investigators' Exam statistics 2015

​​​11. Police budgets 2012-2016

​​12. ​National Undercover Working Group Terms of Reference 

​​13. International Policing Assistance Board (IPAB) applications for Saudi Arabia ​

​14. Direct Entry - numbers of candidates and costs 


February 2016

01. ​Information held on POLKA  


02. ​OSPRE Inspectors' Exam 2015  


​03. College relationship with National Centre for Domestic Violence (NCDV)  


04. Sexual offences and violent activities/crimes committed  by Armed Forces personnel    


​​05. Practice advice on Expert Advisors ​

​​06. ​How to apply to become police officer  

​​​07. College international work - Students by nationality and sums paid   

​08. Levels and source of funding for the College for FY 2015/6 and 2016/7

0​​​9. OSPRE exam results from Northern Ireland


​March 2016 

​01. HMRC Liability of College Secondees


​02. Witness Protection Officers


​03. Number of College staff deployed to Euro 2016

​​​04. Licensing of non-police trainers

​​​05. ​Mandatory testing of detainees for disabilities

​06. ​Police budgets 2012 - 2016

​07. College international work - Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Bahrain

​08. Materials from Professional Committee meeting held 7 January 2016

​09. Police training on identification of warrants

​10. Missing persons APP

​11. Interviewing child suspects

​12. How to apply to become a police officer


​April 2016

01. ​Authorised Firearms Officers (AFOs)


02. ​Police use of drones

​​03. ​AEP L60A2 baton round


​May 2016

01. UK authorities and Interpol


02. ​Disapproved register


​03. College income received from international nations


​04. Public Order Manual of Tactical Operations (1983)


​​​05. Investigation of College Staff by IPCC

​​​06. Arrest conditions

​07. College international work - Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and Bahrain 

08. Strategic Command Course 2016


​June 2016

01. ​College staff earnings


02. ​Pre-charge bail

03. ​Officer safety training


​04. ​Body Worn Video

​05. ​Financial budget for College

​06. ​Rape investigations


​July 2016

01. ​Public order training curriculum


02. ​College international work - Saudi Arabia


​03. College international work - Bahrain


04. ​Paper on CSE demand


05. ​Warnings, reprimands or cautions are held on national and local police databases 


​06. MG11 Statements

​​07. ​College international work - Bangladesh

​​08. ​Information on SIS II

​09. ​College international work - Saudi Arabia

​​10. ​College budget 2015-16

​​​11. Overseas Security and Justice Assistance (OSJA) and IPAB form 427


​August 2016

01. ​Digital evidence


02. ​College international work - Saudi Arabia


03. ​College international work - Egypt


​04. College international work - Mexico

​​05. ​Disapproved register

​​06. College international work - Police Scotland

​07. Criminal Justice Faculty

​September 2016

​01. Police training - pursuits


02. ​TM44 Air Conditioning Assessment


​03. College international work - Mexico


04. ​College Associates


​05. College international work - China


06. ​College work in Bahrain


07. ​OSPRE exams


08. ​Minutes of the National Undercover Scrutiny Panel

​​09. ​Taser training course

​10. OSPRE exams

​​11. ​Question about identity of an individual

​​12. ​Disapproved register

​13. ​ARC legal assistance policy

​​14. ​Decommissioning ex-police cars

​​​15. NIE exams


​October 2016

​01. RIPA training 2012


​02. College work with Saudi Arabia


​03. Professional Committee minutes


​04. ​Firearms licensing


​05. Complaints and grievances received by the College


​​​06. Data on hate crime

​07. Undercover policing units

​08. Family Law Act 1986, section 34

​​09. ​Direct Entry Scheme

​​10. Pre-charge bail report - Letter sent to the Home Secretary on College powers

​11. SEARCH associates


​November 2016

​01. CENTREX training manual (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6 and Part 7)


02. ​Guidance for PNC trainers


03. ​Equipment interference


​​04. ​Undercover policing units

05. ​Interrogation/interview techniques

​​06. ​APP guidance in forces

​07. Missing persons technology

​08. Open source intelligence research

​09. Social media in law enforcement


​December 2016

01. ​Mental Health Act


​02. Training and guidance in respect of spit hoods or similar devices


03. ​Direct entry grant spending/CoP budget spending


04. ​HPDS statistics query

​05. ​Query regarding 'Masonic Lodge' within CoP

​​06. ​National Investigators Examinations held between 2011 and 2016

​​​07. Query regarding photography and filming guidance ACPO 2014

​08. College international work - UAE, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia

09. ​Social media monitoring

​10. Social media monitoring software


​January 2017

01. ​Senior PNAC/SCC query


02. ​Disapproved Register


03. ​Statistics request on the take up of the Certificate of Knowledge in Policing


​04. Roles within College relating to High Court remedy pertaining to the findings against Cleveland Police for the unlawful use of RIPA in 2012

​​05. ​Requesting information on Pitchford Inquiry

​06. ​Requesting estate information on College sites

​​07. ​Timeframe for when the College will review its decision not to give special constables tasers

​08. Guidelines for the use of equipment interference


​February 2017

01. ​College vacancy information


02. ​Statistics relating to College of Policing Fast Track scheme


​​03. ​Training of Direct Entry Inspectors

​​04. ​Compliance to Human Rights and Equality Legislation

​05. Numbers on Disapproved Register

​06. Open source intelligence research: Disclosure Document 1 (Part1 and Part 2); Disclosure Document 2; Disclosure Document 3 (Part 1, Part 2Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5

​March 2017

01. ​Operational Firearms Commanders and Advance Driving courses


​02. Qualitative analysis on open text consultation responses 


03. ​Number of police officers completing various College training courses


04. ​ACPO Police First Aid Learning Programme

​​05. Training provided by College international and statistics around breakdowns in nationality

​06. College's Police Educational Qualification Framework consultation responses

​07. ​College's Police Educational Qualification Framework consultation responses

​08. Internal communications on spit guards

​09. APP guidance on conducting complex child abuse cases / College of Policing's guidelines on child abuse from and including August 2015

​April 2017

01. College of Policing employees residing outside the UK


​02. ​College of Policing police drone training schemes


​​​03. Use of tactical contact in pursuit by police officers

​​04. Publicly accessible domain names ending in '.police.uk'

​​05. PSNI - 2017 CON-SGT promotion process

​06. System/supplier currently used for Payroll

​07. Statistics relating to falsification of CVs by College staff

​08. College of Policing IT department structure chart

​09. SEARCH Associates

​10. Retention of data regarding Police Information Notices (PINS)

​May 2017

​01. PSNI - Examination marking process

​02. PSNI - Examination demographics

​03. PSNI - Computer-based test scores and demographics

​04. PSNI - Promotion process: Candidate demographics

​05. Police Constable to Inspector Fast Track National Assessment Centre 2015

​06. Authorised Professional Practice restricted topics

​07. Statistics relating to those who sat NIE in 2015 and 2016

​08. College's position regarding training for the authorisation of undercover activities under RIPA 2000

​09. Chief Police Officer selection/appointment

​10. Investigation of sexual abuse/offences - polices and guidelines (Disclosure Document 1 and Disclosure Document 2)

​June 2017

​01. PSNI - Pass rates

​02. PSNI - Pass rates by age group

​03. PSNI - Flawed and not-fit-for-purpose questions

​04. PSNI - CON-SGT promotion process and police departments

​05. PSNI - Pass rates

​06. PSNI - Pass rates in relation to additional marks due to flawed questions

​07. PSNI - Pass rates for particular candidate ages in the CON-SGT promotion process

​08. Potentially Dangerous Person declassification and the archiving of intelligence

​09. Agenda for the National Attendance Management Forum (NAMF) held 27/03/2015

​10. Guidance in relation to online hate crime

​11. Consultation on proposed changes to Chief Constable appointments and police pay machinery

​12. PSNI - Sergeant promotion process 2017

​13. POLKA activity

​July 2017

​​01. Eyesight Standards

​02. PSNI - Pass rates for particular candidate ages in CON-SGT promotion process

​03. Disapproved Register Information

​04. PSNI - Pass rates of those applicants 40 and over, and those under 40

​05. PSNI - Number of questions deemed problematic by College of Policing

​06. PSNI - Teams from which candidates worked in on commencing legal exam

​07. Printing and MFD contracts

​08. Armed Policing Strategic Threat and Risk Assessment (STRA)

​09. Cyber crime completion figures

​10. Service history for Landrover Discovery formerly owned by the College of Policing

​11. Courses offered to the police service in England and Wales by the College of Policing

​12. PSNI - Pass rates and candidate numbers in relation to the additional marks awarded due to the problematic questions

​13. Problematic questions within College of Policing exams since its foundation

​August 2017

​01. International clients and partners the College of Policing has worked with

​02. Complaints / issues / grievances / whistle blows against the College of Policing

03. Disapproved Register​

​04. Cell site analysis by police England, Sussex and London (Met)

​05. Examination pass-rate demographics excluding PSNI 

​06. The role of the College of Policing and police forces in handling FOIs

​07. College of Policing's proposed guidance for misconduct hearing outcomes

​08. PSNI - Pass rates of the law exam (stage 2) in the CON-SGT promotion process

​09. FOI requests to the College of Policing from UK police forces

 September 2017

​01.  College of Policing media and communications press release software

​02. NPPF legal exam pass rate statistics and question writing course statistics

​03. Breakdown of legal examinations taken since 2013 with unusual response patterns

​04. National Police Firearms Curriculum

​05. Communication between College of Policing and Office of the Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner, Kevin Hyland

​October 2017

​01. Correspondence between PSNI and the College of Policing

​02. Design of the College of Policing logo

​03. Use of Royal Crown on the College of Policing logo

​04. Police Officer guidelines concerning Acute Behavioural Disturbance (ABD) / Excited Delirium (ED

​05. Information on the candidates involved in CON-SGT promotion processes when candidate-numbers have been 200 or above

​06. Topic breakdown of the NPPF Step 2 Inspectors' Examination 2017

​07. Computer applications used by the College of Policing

​08. National Oversight Group Meetings (National Undercover Scrutiny Panel) meetings 2017

​09. Fitness test data

​10. Direct Entry Statistics

​11. Fees charged by College of Policing to UK police forces

​November 2017

​01. College of Policing guidance, protocols and training relating to the conduct of internal disciplinary tribunals in respect of witnesses

​02. International leadership programme 142/17

​03. PNC and PND user manual, training documents and policies

​04. Communications between CoP with Wiltshire Police on Operation Conifer

​05. Operation Hydrant advice

​06. Diversity of non service assessors for PNAC 2017

​07. Training provided to overseas law and enforcement units and personnel

​08.  PSNI - Constable to Sergeant OSPRE Part 2 2007 & 2008 examination

​09. Fees charged by College of Policing to UK police forces - breakdown by year and amount charged and stage of examination

​10. Number of serving police officers seconded to the College of Policing

​11. Copy of minutes of the National Oversight Group, May 2017

​12. Breakdown of statistics regarding section 76 of the Serious Crime Act 2015

December 2017

​01. Guidance, consultation, communications, risk assessments and reports related to the Fraud Investigation Model

​02. Consultation on misconduct panel chairs

​03. Recruitment and selection of new Chief Constables guidance

​​04. Inspectors exam 2015 - 2017

​05. Written teaching materials related to the International Leadership Programme 142/17

​January 2018

​01. Exam errors in inspectors and sergeants processes

​02. NPPF Inspectors exam

​03. Police assisting bailiff at private address to gain entry and training given 

​04. Constable recruitment at Ryton 14th December 2017

​05. Police officers working for the College of Policing

​06. College of Policing policy on advertised job opportunities

​07. Request of unpublished essay held by National Policing Library

​08. Police firearm training

​February 2018

​01. College of Policing finance received from Home Office and income generated

​02. Fees charged by College of Policing to PSNI Bedfordshire and Gloucestershire

​03. National police SEARCH assessment centre

​04. Recruitment policy on shortlisting and interviewing candidates

​March 2018

​01. Minutes from the National Undercover Scrutiny Panel from May 2017

02.  Training provided by the College to the Philippines

​03.  Direct Entry Superintendent statistics

​01.  PSM manual

​02.  Correspondence between Lancashire and CoP in relation to most recent con-sgt promotion process

​03.  Issues surrounding police social media accounts

​04.  Training material and resources for officer training in use of airwave radios

​05.  International police assistance to countries listed on college website

​​06.  Examinations and marking guides for NPPF Part 2 Legal Examination for Sergeants and Inspectors 2014 - 2018

​​07.  Guidance produced relating to police dealing with street preachers

​​08.  Policy procedure and guidance for use of intermediaries when undertaking witness interviews and investigations

​​09.  BME presence at the 2018 Strategic Command Course

​​01.   Formal College responses to the Home Office consultation on the procedure and process for the police barred list and police advisory list

​02.  College of Policing courses accreditation and licensing

​03.  Independent legal advice given to the College of Policing related to use of associates, examiners, and casual labour in respect of tax legislation

​04.  Number of recruits to fail multi-stage fitness test

​05.  List of disclosure training courses and number of attendees

​06.  College of Policing staff disciplined in the years 2015, 2016, 2017

​​01.  List of international projects run by the College as detailed in decision note for FOIA-2018-0018

​​02.  Internal logging and tracking metadata of Freedom of Information requests

​​03.  SPNAC process

​04.  College of Policing lost property policy

​05.  Diversity statistics related to latest intake of fast track officers

​06.  Policy relating to release of photographs of detained persons

​​07.  Policy relating to restrictions on police resources which can be used to defend a civil legal claim

​​08.  Policy on force release of tapes/video interviews

​​09.  Counting of votes - APP

​​10.  Strategic Command Course

​​11.  Letters relevant to consultation with Home Office on Barred List

​​12.  NPPF Step 2 Examination 2017/18

​​13.  National police uniform

​​​14.  Modern Slavery E-Learning

0​1.  SPNAC exercises

0​​​2.  Internal logging and tracking of Freedom of Information requests

0​3.  Training materials on application of S144 LASPO

0​4.  Public consultation report raw data relating to proposed 2020 changes to the entry routes to the police service

​​05.  College policy for What Works in only accepting research of a specific standard (masters and above)

​​06.  Previous candidate identification in PNAC assessments

​​07.  Potential for policing degree

08.  National Disclosure Improvement Plan

0​1.  Police Information Notices

02.  Fast track and NPPF statistics

03.  Crime Reporting Information System

0​4.  Information sharing agreement with BCCA

​​05.  College of Policing guidance on procurement of big data

​​06.  NIE exam force attendance

​​07.  Bramshill Police College asbestos registers

​​​08.  Training materials relating to the offence of disclosing private  sexual photographs

​09.  Research standards for research produced for the College of Policing/What Works

​10.  Police barred list

​11.  Future PSNI law exam meeting minutes/letters/emails

​12.  International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance working definition of Anti-Semitism

​​13.  PINS

​​​14.  Mounted police officers in UK

​02.  Outcome in career development terms of officers who complete HPDS

​03.  Contract information on telephony and networks services

0​4. List of international projects run by the College as detailed in decision note for FOIA-2018-0018 (internal review of decision given in June 2018)

0​1. Barred list

​02. NIE exam force attendance

0​3. Barred list (internal review of decision given in October 2018)

​04. College transactions over £25,000 in the most recent 25 months up to August 2018

0​5. Police investigation of data protection offences; offences under Solicitors Act 1974;  and offences under Legal Services Act 2007 . Policies and procedures for external forces investigation disciplinary matters involving police personnel.

0​6. Police statistics for stop and search

​01. Definition of disability relied upon by the College of Policing

​04. College of Policing record of specific individual attendance at courses run by the College since 2010

​05. Transfer of Deputy Chief Constable to College of Policing

December 2018

0​1.  Training curriculum, guidelines and or handbook for Strategic Command Course

​02. Secondment of Dee Collins to College of Policing

​03.  Money paid by overseas governments to College of Policing for training provided

​04. Countries and geographical regions in receipt of training from the College of Policing

​05. Thames Valley Police entries on barred list

​06. College of Policing mobile phone contract

​January 2019

0​1. Historical reasonable adjustment figures for OSPRE Part 1 Sergeants Examination and NPPF Step 2 Legal Examination

​02. NPPF Step 2 Examination force attendance

​03. BME statistics relating to workforce as a whole

​04. Management of CRIS reports

0​5. Breakdown of all training provided to authorities from UAE since 2013

​06. Attendees on the SCC 2019 - names and job titles

​07. NIE exam force attendance

​08. Analyses conducted by CoP into FT and DE programmes

​09. APP Content and background documents on audio/visual personal data captured by the police during searches

​February 2019

​01. Total number of candidates that sit both the NPPF and NIE exams:

- Response letter

- Disclosure documents: Instructions to Candidates NIENIE Rules Syllabus (2017); NIE Rules Syllabus (2018); NIE SI Manual (Generic); NPPF 2018 Instructions to Candidates; NPPF Rules and Syllabus (2018); NPPF Rules and Syllabus (2017); REPDOC 9 CoP Invigilator Information Booklet.

​02. Police Pursuits Communication Policy published by the NPIA in 2009, as referred to in the SOP Guide on Police to Police and Inter-agency Airwave Interoperability published by the NPIA in 2010

​03. Relevant procedures, policies or other documentation which sets out how pedal cycles are pursued by police

​04. Breakdown of the Ethnicity and Gender of participants in the SCC2019, broken down by the agency from which they are employed


​March  2019

​01. Number of applicants who applied for the role of 'Subject Matter expert within the Uniformed Policing Joint Operations Team’ in August 2018

​02. Information relating to International Disaster Victim Identification training in conjunction with UKDVI 

​03. The Equality Assessment carried out at the time the College of Policing Vetting Authorised Professional Practice was published (2015)

​04. Ethnicity of recruits enrolled onto the Direct Entry Superintendents and Direct Entry Inspectors programmes, respectively
​05. Number of requests and responses from the Police Federation of England and Wales to the College of Policing for advice on FOI and DP

​06. Numbers of programmes of work involving an associate not regarded as 'personally engaged' actioned as outside IR35 (the intermediaries tax legislation)

​08. Confirmation of attendance to a training course of a Bahraini Lieutenant after abuse allegations  

​12.  College of Policing's guidance on DNA charging

​April 2019
​01.  The comprehensive impact assessment of the police apprenticeship by the Home Office and College of Policing

02.   Guidance of the use of Section 60 powers under the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994

​03.  Numbers of programmes of work involving an associate not regarded as 'personally engaged' actioned as outside IR35 (the intermediaries tax legislation)

​04.  Police forces and the handling of evidence
0​5.  Training provided by the College to other countries' police forces
​06.  Candidate requirements and process for PNAC course

​07.  Breakdown of the Ethnicity and Gender of applicants and appointees to the Direct Entry programmes

​08.  NPPF exam candidates results for disabled candidates, breakdown of disability, and reasonable adjustments

​09.  Organisations that were sent a Bid letter about advertising opportunities on Contracts Finder and the College website

​10.  Spending data from September 2018
​11.  Breakdown of the Age, Disability, Ethnicity and Gender of the current assessor pool and candidate performance data. Equality impact statement, unconscious bias input into SEARCH and bias testing

​12.  PEQF new curriculum details, scheme of work and learning outcomes

​May 2019

​01.  Breakdown of Gender, Ethnicity and sample sizes. Data on internal and external reliability of each metric, evaluation of the targeted marketing strategies for ethnic minority candidates

​02.  New guidance in relation to issuing PINs and their retention period

03.  Details of assessors, and information related to protected characteristics of Fast Track applicants

​04.  Numerical breakdown of police officers for forces for Strategic Command courses, and of applicants for the PNAC (2015 - 2018)

​05.  The past, current and proposed official guidance regarding the recording of "hate" incidents which are not crimes

​06.  TLI Laser speed detection devices and traffic/road policing 

​07.  CoP's guidance and rules on possessing an unauthorised social media account

​08.  Correspondence between the College and Cleveland Police

​09.  The College's supplier of CCTV maintenance 

​10.  Mental health training given by the College

​11.  A police officer's knowledge of the mishandling of evidence

​June 2019

​01.  The College's contract register

​02.  Items reported lost in 2016 - 2018

​03.  Numerical breakdown of Direct Entry recruits on College-run training courses since 2015

​04.  Information held in relation to personal details of witnesses (that is unrelated to the evidence)

​05.  All information held in relation to approved Twitter accounts

​06.  Qualifications an SIO must hold to manage a serious crime investigation (particularly murder, kidnap/extortion and terrorism)

​07.  Communications about FOIA-2019-046 (May 2019, no 8)

​08.  Recruitment or eligibility into PSNI internal promotional processes

​09. The 2012 meeting which resulted in the agreement that non-service assessors should be independent of policing (?) Revisit 57 and 59

​July 2019

​01.  Subject area breakdown of NPFF step 2 Inspector exams from 2014 - 2018



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