We rely on our Associates as a valuable resource bringing current, relevant and specialist skills to complement those of our staff.

Associate roles include trainers, coaches, assessors, designers, invigilators and expert witnesses.

Discover our Associate opportunities.

Associates are "individuals who are independent of the College and who are sourced directly on a personal basis, or via an agency, charity, partnership or limited company for specific tasks".   Please note that currently employed police officers and police staff cannot be engaged through this route. Public sector employees may be considered where they would not receive dual payment for the same period of engagement, for example non paid leave or part time working.

More information on being an Associate can be found in our Associates Policy and supporting documentation. The Associates' Welcome Pack has been developed to be issued for Associates who are embarking on their first assignment with the College of Policing, it may also be useful for more established associates. 

Important information
  • Associates are engaged on an ad hoc basis for specific, short-term, discrete pieces of work.
  • In order to become an Associate it is necessary to apply, and be successful in a competitive process, to be in one or more Associate pools.
  • Pools will be advertised on this webpage.
  • Selection into the pools will be based on the skills, experience and competencies required.
  • All applications are subject to security vetting and reference checks.
  • Payment is dependent on the nature of the work undertaken.
  • Acceptance into any Associate pool does not guarantee the offer of work.
  • Associate engagement is subject to the Associate Terms and Conditions or
  • Personally Engaged Associate Terms and Conditions

The Associate Terms and conditions have been further revised and the new Terms and conditions will apply immediately from the 7th November 2019. The revised versions are below:

The revised Associate Terms and Conditions (corporate) v1.4, and The Personally Engaged Associate Terms and Conditions v1.4 will apply to all new associate engagements including any existing purchase orders or commercial arrangements that are already in place and the delivery is not scheduled till after the 7th November 2019.

In addition to the revised documents a new document, 'Schedule X to the Corporate Associate Terms and Conditions and Personally Engaged Associate Terms and Conditions' details those occasions where an Associate may be processing personal data in accordance with their engagement, as a College Associate. This will be subject to any necessary amendment where a further specific personal data processing requirement is identified.

  • The College will make PAYE deductions in respect of income tax and primary national insurance contributions from any payments made to comply with HMRC requirements. Associates should be aware of the requirement that public sector organisations have to ensure compliance with IR35 intermediaries legislation from April 2017. Some questions and answers about how the College applies IR35 are listed here.  
  • Associates wishing to undertake a Trainer role must hold a level 4 teacher/trainer qualification, such as a Certificate in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector (CTLLS Level 4), Diploma in Learning and Development, Certificate in Education, NVQ 4 Learning and Development or equivalent.  Exceptionally, for Technical Skills delivery, where a candidate has met the advertised criteria, including subject matter expertise, but does not yet hold the qualification, they may be selected into the Associate Pool. A reduced fee differential will be applied to reflect that they do not yet hold the level 4 trainer qualification.
  • These opportunities are open to applicants who can meet the College's nationality, UK residency and vetting requirements.
  • All Associates, with the exception of invigilators, will be required to pay for and maintain their own level of vetting.  The recommended level will be in accordance with the scope of work for each individual pool. 

         The pricing structure of the available vetting levels is as follows: 

                * NPPV 1 £55 per application (valid for 3 years provided engagements in each 12 month
                * NPPV 2 £95 per application (valid for 3 years provided engagements in each 12 month period)
                * NPPV 3 £145 per application (valid for 7 years with a £10 annual security review)
                * Additional CTC £21
                * Additional SC £21

Discover our Associate opportunities.

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