Procurement FAQs


What is the legislation underpinning the College's procurement policy?

​Our policies are consistent with EU procurement directives and the Government's value for money policy. Value​​ for money is defined as the optimum combinatio​​n of whole-life costs and quality to meet the customer's requirement. We take into account all aspects of cost, including running and disposal costs as well as initial purchase price.

All procurement re​​​​​​quirements are acquired by competition unless there are convincing reasons (such as an emergency situation) to do otherwise. All single tenders are subject to close monitoring, reporting and review by The National Audit Office. All requirements that exceed the EU procurement directives' financial thresholds are advertised in the Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) via contract notices.  The contract notice allows expressions of interest in any of the proposals advertised. The EU procurement directives' financial thresholds are revised periodically.

For more information​ about ​EU procurement directives and regulations, see the Crown Commercial Service website.

What does the College do to support diverse organisations?

I​​t is government policy to encourage small and medium enterprises (SMEs), black and minority ethnic (BME) suppliers, and the voluntary and community sector (V​CS).

We recognise the important contribution these organisations make to the economy and to local communitie​​s. Our aim is to enhance opportunities for these organisations wherever possible, and when consistent with value for money and the need to treat all suppliers fairly under EU Regul​​ations.​


Who can approve a contract between a supplier and the College?

​Th​​​​ose staff assigned appropriate procurement authority within the College's Commercial and Procurement Unit.​

Do I need a purchase order?

​​​​Yes. All sup​​pliers are given a formal purchase order generated by the College's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

Suppliers should not provide goods or services unless a valid purchase order has been received or an alternativ​e method has been formally agreed.​

What are the College's payment terms?

​​​30 days (unless amended by formal contractual agreement) on receipt of a correct invoice or receipt of satisfactory goods or service. See the standard College of Policing terms and conditions as a guide.

Where should invoices be sent?

​All invoic​​es must include the College of Policing purchase order number and be sent to:

Accounts Payable
College of Policing Ltd
Leamington Ro​​ad,

I have had my invoice returned. What do I need to do?

​​​A copy of your invoice will be returned if it does not quote a valid purchase order number. The original invoice is held on file.

If you are unable to obtain a valid purchase order number from your College contact, you must contact the pers​​on to whom you supplied the goods or services.

What is a GPC?

​GPC stands f​​or ​​Government Procurement Card. It is a Visa-branded card that can be used with suppliers that accept Visa. The GPC is generally used to purchase and pay for low-value transactions. Commitments are made in the same way as using a normal Visa card.

​​​​For more infor​​mation, see the Payment Services for Government website.​

What do I need to do to be able to accept GPC 'orders'?

​​If you are not already a Visa-enabled supplier, contact Barclaycard Merchant Services on 0800 616161. They will arrange for you to be 'signed up' as being able to accept a commitment using a Visa card.​​

The details that you currently hold for me are incorrect. How do I get these corrected?

​We try to maintain data as accurately as possible. If you need to advise us of any changes, please inform your usual business contact at the College first. The Data Protection legislation requires us to record your formal authorisation to amend your records, so we will ask you for written confirmation (email accepted) of t​​he changes.​

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