Members' Committee



Committee Members

Profile of Robin Wilkinson Robin Wilkinson
Committee Chair
Luella Bubloz​Luella Bubloz
Sussex Police
Luke Entwistle Luke Entwistle
Sergeant from MPS
Scott Green Scott Green
Superintendent with South Yorkshire
Craig Guildford Craig Guildford
Chief Police Officers Staff Association
Jamie Hobday Jamie Hobday
Inspector with West Midlands Police
Russell Hughes Russell Hughes
Inspector with South Yorkshire Police
Phillip Mills Philip Mills
Detective Inspector with Northants Police
​Carol Nobbs
Mark Nottage ​Mark Nottage
Chief Superintendent on Secondment to the Home Office – Emergency Services Mobile Communication Programme
Andrew Pardy​Andrew Pardy
Sergeant with Hertfordshire Constabulary
​Kevin Purcell
Police Superintendents Association of England and Wales
Daniel Reynolds ​Daniel Reynolds
Sergeant with Cheshire Police
T/Chief Inspector Alicia Shaw​Alicia Shaw
Chief Inspector with Hertfordshire Constabulary
Martyn Slingsby​Martyn Slingsby
Inspector from Humberside Police
Dave Spencer ​Dave Spencer
Chief Inspector with Northants Police
​Gareth Stubbs
Inspector with Organisational Development in Lancashire
Manjit Thandi Manjit Thandi
Superintendent with West Midlands Police
Karl Thurogood ​Karl Thurogood
Police Federation of England and Wales


The purpose of the College of Policing Members' Committee (the Committee) is to promote and support the development of the membership and the services and facilities that the College provide. The Members' Committee informs and supports the development of the College's membership and the services its members want and need.

It is an advisory committee of the College Board of Directors and the Board is committed to having regard to the advice given by the Committee. It also informs and advises the College Executive.

The Members' Committee is chaired by Robin Wilkinson, who is a Non-Executive Director of the College Board and a member of police staff, as the Director of People and Change in the Metropolitan Police Service. Robin says "It is vital that the members of the College should have a formal role it is governance and a direct route to the Board. As the professional body for all in policing in England & Wales, the College needs to hear the voices of its members and make sure they inform the development of the members' services and the wider strategic priorities." 

The Committee first met in June 2015 and, in its first year, considered issues including:

  • the membership offer
  • who may become members of the College
  • the membership communication strategy
  • the College's work on Valuing Difference and Inclusion in policing and the committee's own limited diversity and
  • the Police Educational Qualification Framework.

The Committee meets formally three times a year and the Committee Chair reports to the Board on its business.

From the outset, it has comprised a number of individuals who were appointed through open competition and a number were nominated by representative bodies across policing. All members of the committee are there as equals and in the best interests of the College and it members, bringing their personal views to the table. 

A second recruitment round will take place from July – September 2016.

The details of the Committee's current members, Terms of Reference and the minutes of previous meetings are set out below.

If you have any questions, please contact:

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