Our e-learning is designed and developed by the National Centre for Applied Learning Technologies (NCALT) - a unique collaboration between the College of Policing and the Metropolitan Police Service.

National e-learning courses, and other College of Policing learning materials, are available to the 43 Home Office police forces and "Associate Partners" through the NCALT Managed Learning Environment (MLE). The MLE has 300,000 registered users and successfully delivers over 80,000 e-learning course completions every month.

Associate Partners include the Scottish Police Service, the Police Service of Northern Ireland, the British Transport Police, the Ministry of Defence Police & Guarding Agency, the Civil Nuclear Constabulary, the UK Border Agency and the National Crime Agency.

All the College's learning materials meet the learning outcomes set in the National Policing Curriculum, which is also accessible via the MLE.

For more information about the MLE and to access e-learning, visit the NCALT website.

Benefits of e-learning

The use of e-learning provides quality-assured products which meet the national learning requirements for police officers and staff, and greatly reduces abstraction costs locally for forces. Each police force has its own "domain" - a segmented area of the MLE hosting local learning resources - as well as access to national material provided by the College of Policing.

Once registered on the MLE, either via CJX intranet or (for non-restricted material) the internet, learners can benefit from 24/7 access to the e-learning - which is usually delivered as part of a blended learning programme designed to support individual learner requirements.

The MLE ensures that every learner's progress is fully tracked, providing reports to ensure the effective management of training.

Other NCALT services

NCALT has provided practitioners with a rapid e-learning authoring tool called "Panda", allowing police forces and partners to develop their own e-learning which complements the national programmes. NCALT Live!, a secure web-conferencing service available via CJX, is also available to police forces.

NCALT also has a remit to research and develop new learning technologies. These currently include a policing video library, learning content for delivery to mobile devices, and simulated virtual environments.

Developing e-learning

If you are considering the development of e-learning for national delivery via the MLE, please contact NCALT beforehand. You will need to meet the criteria in the E-learning development guidelines.