Consultation: Major investigation and public protection

Recent high-profile cases have highlighted the importance of effective policing practice in all aspects of major investigation and public protection. In response, the College is carrying out a major review of police guidance in these areas.

This review provides a valuable opportunity to identify lessons and share good practice based on the best available evidence.

Phase one of the consultation, in 2013, focused on reviewing the guidance for child abuse and child exploitation. The reviewed guidance has now been published as Authorised Professional Practice (APP) (see below). APP is the consolidated body of guidance for all areas of policing, and is reviewed and updated regularly to reflect innovations in professional practice.

The table below shows how APP on major investigation and public protection will be structured, and provides links to the currently reviewed guidance on the APP website. Other modules will be consulted on later in 2014.

Section Module
Public protection core knowledge Definitions
Identifying and reducing risk
Working with partners
Working with vulnerable people
Managing public protection information
Mental ill health and learning disabilities
Managing sexual offenders and violent offenders
Major investigation core knowledge Major incident room standardised administrative procedures
Major investigation reviews
Major investigation support
Managing major investigations
Thematic areas Child abuse
Child sexual exploitation
Domestic abuse
Gangs and youth violence
Gun crime
Hate crime
Honour-based violence and forced marriage
Human trafficking
Kidnap and extortion
Knife crime
Missing persons
Rape and sexual offences
Stalking and harassment
Vulnerable adult abuse