What Works Centre for Crime Reduction

What Works Centre for Crime Reduction

The government has selected the College of Policing to host the What Works Centre for Crime Reduction - part of a world-leading network of centres providing robust, comprehensive evidence to guide public spending decisions.

The Centre provides access to evidence about what works in policing and crime reduction, to help those involved in policing make better evidence-based decisions. This supports the College's strategic objective of "identifying, developing and promoting good practice based on evidence".

About the Works Centre for Crime Reduction
The College of Policing hosts the What Works Centre for Crime Reduction, one of a national network including health, education, ageing, local growth and early intervention. 

What Works Briefings
This includes an overview of what works in policing to reduce crime, plus summaries of relevant Campbell Collaboration Systematic Reviews on policing and crime reduction topics.

Policing and Crime Reduction Research Map
Use the map to look for shared summaries of ongoing relevant research of Masters level and above. Relevant ongoing and completed randomised control trials are included.

College of Policing published research
Find recently published reports from the College researchers, including primary research reports and rapid evidence assessments.

National Police Library
A unique national collection of literature about policing, crime reduction and related subjects. It also enables (e)access to the wider world of quality published research, and assists with systematic searching for information - for example, in identifying what works.

POLKA and the Knowledge Bank
POLKA is a secure online collaboration tool enabling PNN and GSi users to share documents, discuss ideas and network. The Knowledge Bank is the central POLKA community, focused on policing and crime reduction research, practice initiatives and identifying future issues.

Get involved
Our support network, events, funding opportunities and other ways for practitioners and decision-makers to get involved in embedding an evidence-based approach in police forces.