Support Services in the Appointmment

The College of Policing is able to provide advice and support for PCCs, CCs and Commissioners in the development of selection processes for chief officer appointments on a consultancy basis.

The College of Policing provides these services as it is recognised that there may be a desire to seek professional support or advice from people with expertise in selection and assessment. 

The College of Policing has suitably experienced staff who are able to advise on matters such as:

  • the development of a role profile that accurately reflects local needs and priorities to effectively define the particular demands of the job
  • the development of an appropriate written application and shortlisting process
  • the design and development of bespoke or tailored assessment exercises, tools and interviews (e.g. this includes the use of personality measures to inform selection process)
  • the provision of briefing or training for panel members in assessing skills
  • assistance in managing and delivering the selection and appointment process.

The College of Policing is also able to provide forces with information on whether candidates meet the eligibility checks set out in the relevant legislation (e.g. completion of Senior PNAC and the SCC) as well as providing an advertisement service for Chief Officer vacancies through the college website.

For enquiries about these services, please contact the team via

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