Independent Members and Policing

​Independent Members

The Home Office Circular outlines that the PCC/CC or Commissioner should involve an independent member during the assessment, shortlisting and interviewing of candidates with the purpose of ensuring that the appointment process is conducted in line with the principles of merit, fairness and openness, and to produce a written report on the appointment process.

It is up to the PCC/CC or Commissioner responsible for the appointment process to decide who should be the Independent Member. However, the College of Policing has agreed to create and manage a list of suitable Independent Members for appointing PCCs/CCs or Commissioners to access.

The College of Policing has selected the individuals on this list through a fair, open and merit based process, with the aims of providing access to suitably skilled and knowledgable Independent Members to assist PCCs/CCs and Commissioners in making effective appointments in line with the related guidance.

The personal profiles of the individuals currently held on the list, along with further details on these people, are available by emailing the College of Policing at

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