Police Service Quality Management System (PSQMS)

Quality Assurance Management Systems (QAMS) has been renamed as ‘The College of Policing’s Police Service Quality Management System (PSQMS).

PSQMS will still retain the key features and functionalities of QAMS. You will still be able to access the system and perform the same functions as before.

PSQMS is an online software application designed to manage quality assurance, business improvement and inspection frameworks used within policing.

PSQMS has been designed to reduce the unnecessary bureaucracy associated with the use and application of quality assurance, business improvement and inspection frameworks in policing.

The system can facilitate both online self-assessment against set criteria and (where required) the validation of that self-assessment. It can also facilitate the online peer review of a self-assessment.

One of the principal uses of PSQMS is to support the quality assurance of the national policing curriculum using the Police Service Quality Assurance framework (PSQA). PSQA is an all-embracing quality assurance scheme, comprising a single framework capable of meeting a range of stakeholder needs. It provides a single framework for the assessment of quality and compliance requirements across all police learning and professional development. The PSQA framework is hosted on PSQMS.

PSQMS is hosted on the secure police CJX system and on the Internet depending on the focus of the framework.

Benefits of using the system

  • Secure web-based application
  • Reduced bureaucracy
  • Reduced staff time required for such activity
  • Reduced costs to the service
  • Standardisation in quality assurance reporting
  • Programme-specific requirements can be accommodated
  • Easy maintenance of frameworks and schemes

Key features/functions of the system

Registration - A Single Point of Contact can be assigned to a particular quality assurance, business improvement and inspection framework.

Self-assessment - Online self-assessments can be undertaken against the criteria contained in a particular framework. Peer reviews can also be undertaken on the system at the force's request.

Validation - PSQMS enables the College to perform an online validation of the self-assessment if this is applicable.

Action planning - The system contains an action planning tool to deal with both local and national actions.

Communication log - The system provides a communications log for all forces registered on the system.

What works - Forces can upload items of practice which evidences 'What Works' onto the system. They can then be accessed by all registered users once approved.

Which frameworks are currently housed on the system?

  • Police Service Quality Assurance – Version 2
  • Firearms Compliance
  • Public Order - Command Programme
  • Equality Improvement Model
  • Health and Wellbeing Framework
  • National Police Promotion Framework
  • Digital Capabilities Self-Assessment Framework

How can I find out more?

For more information about PSQMS, please contact the PSQMS team

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