BME Progression 2018 programme

The College of Policing has been commissioned to develop and deliver a national programme to improve the recruitment, development, progression and retention of black and minority ethnic (BME) officers and staff.

Programme Objectives

  • To inform and influence the setting of standards and drive the agenda in relation to BME and wider diversity issues, for example, in relation to leadership
  • To provide national and force level BME representation data analysis to support force planning and implementation of improvement actions
  • To support forces in improving recruitment, retention and progression of BME officers through the provision of advice, information and stakeholder events
  • To design, deliver, test and evaluate positive action learning and development programmes
  • To collate and share effective practice on the recruitment retention and progression of BME officers
  • To undertake relevant research, evaluation and surveys to inform the support being provided to forces and provide evidence to enable standards to be set


Phase 1 Programme Initiation – September 13 to May 14 – Delivered

  • Baseline Representation data as at 31/03/13 developed at national and local level
  • BME Officer survey sent all identified BME Officers
  • Organisational survey of all forces sent to all forces
  • Engagement activity completed (and an ongoing integral part of the Programme)
  • Rapid evidence assessment on unconscious bias completed

Phase 2 Analysis & Evidence Base – June 14 to Dec 14 - Delivered

  • Positive Action Practical Advice (PAPA) published – based on legal advice legal advice procured by the Home Office. Contains advice and case studies
  • Report on unconscious bias completed – awaiting peer review
  • BME Officer analysis and summaries produced – force specific data sent to forces as part of the action and evaluation plan package
  • Stakeholder engagement completed includes:
    - College Forum Roundtable on Diversity 30 September 2014, Birmingham
    - Senior Leaders’ Forum - 25 September 2014, Manchester
    - BME 2018 Programme Practitioners’ workshop – 22 – 23 Sept 2014 Bramshill
    - BME 2018 Programme Practitioners’ workshop – 24 November 2014 Ryton
    - BME 2018 Programme force workshop to share practice - 30th June 2014, West Midlands Police HQ, Birmingham
    - 8 regional and force specific Fast Track Awareness Workshops across the country from October 2014 to January 2015


Phase 3 Implementation & Continuous Evaluation–Jan 15 to Dec 18 Ongoing

  • Bespoke pack of information sent to each force which includes:
    - individual force level reports containing key local and national data on representation to enable analysis and planning for improvement actions
    - anonymised summary feedback specific to each force from BME officers in the force who completed the survey
    - a template to guide the development of each force’s action plan to improve overall BME representation and progression
    - advice notes to act as a checklist of possible actions and means of evaluating success for forces to consider
  • Research on unconscious completed – currently being peer reviewed
  • Conferences on Unconscious Bias in June and September 2015
  • Programme team supporting forces in planning and evaluation of actions to improve BME representation in forces
  • Identify, collate and share practice through workshops and POLKA. POLKA (the Police OnLine Knowledge Area) is a secure online collaboration tool for the policing community to network, ask questions, share insights, discuss ideas and suggest new ways of working
  • Reviewing elements of SEARCH - Police SEARCH® Recruit Assessment Centre or commonly known as “SEARCH” is the assessment process by which constables are recruited by forces
  • Evaluation of CKP - CKP is the Certificate of Knowledge in Policing
  • Positive Action programmes to be run/evaluated
  • Consider impact of vetting on BME applicants
  • Identify and share good practice throughout Phase 3

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